Colossal Dragons

Greetings Bannermen,


We are pleased at last to announce the arrival of the Colossal Dragon, available for you to craft as of our next build on Friday, August 25th.


The Colossal Dragon is a frightening weapon of war, truly winged fire made flesh. Its Uncolored, Red, Green and Tan versions have stats similar to previous evolutions, though with increases befitting its awe-inspiring size.

Colossal Dragon.png
Colossal Green Dragon.png
Colossal Red Dragon.png
Colossal Tan Dragon.png


Evolving a Colossal Dragon


While a Colossal Dragon is difficult to defeat, crafting one is not insurmountable. The chain includes a number of new recipes and items, but several of these are available in different locations. With the exception of the Colossal Dragon itself, none of the new Item recipes are luck-based.

Colossal Dragon Chain.png


Increased Luck for All Dragon Chains


In addition to unlocking the Colossal Dragon chain, our maesters want to share with you the newly discovered Flawless Blood Gem. Crafted from Dragonblood and Sparkling Jewels, this gem will provide a significantly higher luck-boost than the current Flawless Black Gem for earlier dragon chains, as well as provide a smaller luck-boost for the new Colossal chain.

Flawless Blood Gem.png

We also want to announce that the starting luck chance on the Ancient Horn will be increased from 25% to 50% to provide a boost to those aiming to complete their Mature Dragons.


New Items Along the Way

Besides the four variations of the Colossal Dragon itself -- Uncolored, Red, Green, Tan -- the Colossal chain includes four new items: Dragonblood, Purified Dragonblood, Aurochs Dragonfeed, and Enlarged Aurochs Herd.




Taken from dragons of all ages of their evolution, Dragonblood is a key element in several stages of the Colossal chain.


Dragonblood will continue to be provided as a reward in Tales and AvA Phases, but will also be available for sale in Daily Offers.


Purified Dragonblood


In the end, Dragonblood is a necessary but insufficient element to achieve a Colossal Dragon. Purified Dragonblood is rare and powerful, and when combined with Enlarged Aurochs can allow your Mature Dragon to evolve into a Colossal.

Purified Dragonblood.png

Purified Dragonblood will be craftable in the R’hllor Temple and Glasshouse.


Aurochs Dragonfeed


Not your everyday animal feed, Aurochs Dragonfeed will allow regular Aurochs to enlarge sufficiently for use in evolving a Colossal Dragon.

Aurochs Dragonfeed.png

Aurochs Dragonfeed will be craftable in Godswood and the Arbor.


Enlarged Aurochs Herd


Think an enlarged Auroch is impressive? Try twenty of them. But that’s what it takes to create a Colossal Dragon.

Enlarged Aurochs Herd.png

Enlarged Aurochs Herd can be created in the Stables and the Fishery.

Good luck to everyone in their efforts to evolve a Colossal Dragon. We have set up a Forum thread dedicated to questions and discussions. It can be found here

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