Conclusion: A Good Day to Lie!

MajQa’, Captain!

The Klingon Empire has been saved and its honor restored, all thanks to you.

Knowing that the Romulans were behind the recent threats to their Empire, the Klingon public demanded that these outrages be answered with blood. They were on the verge of starting a war.

Your work with Klingon Janeway and Advocate Kolos as well as the Romulan defector Alidar Jarok made it possible to identify the conspirators and halt what could have been a galactic bloodbath. Following your victory, Kahless himself noted that it is “thanks to your courage that the empire still stands.” Surely, your honor in now unquestionable.

Congratulations to the top solo and squadron performers: [PEG] William [GG] and Alpha Team {AF}. Well done to all!

Now it’s time for a well deserved celebration. Let the bloodwine flow and the gagh squirm! Qapla’!