Meet Amira: A Brand New Character from THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR

Meet Amira, Disruptor Beam’s first original character introduced to the world of The Walking Dead. Amira serves as the player’s guide through both early gameplay in THE WALKING DEAD: MARCH TO WAR as well as the crowded, chaotic Washington, D.C. area. The familiar city quickly becomes a battleground of bitter rivals competing for vital resources after a horde of walkers moves in.

“Having the opportunity to add a new voice to the world of The Walking Dead was amazing,” said Lead Narrative Designer Jessica Sliwinski when asked about Amira. “There are so many vivid, iconic characters already, from Rick Grimes to Michonne to Negan. In creating Amira, we wanted to add someone equally unique and iconic, in every aspect from her visual design to her personality to her backstory, and I truly believe we achieved that goal.”

Amira, the privileged daughter of a foreign embassy staffer, quickly learned how brutal the new world was and what it would take to survive. “Like so many other characters, Amira was thrust unexpectedly into a life of violence,” Sliwinski continued, “and like them, she was forced to discover how far she is willing to go to survive.  But despite losing everything, Amira hasn’t lost hope. Thanks to her father’s influence, she has a long view of history, and she truly believes you and she can build something better out of the ashes of civilization. The trick will be surviving long enough to see it.”

Amira’s attempts to navigate the politics of this brutal new world on the player’s behalf drives much of the gameplay, and she provides valuable insight into the machinations of Negan, Rick, and a myriad of other competing personalities and factions. But, like every character in The Walking Dead, she is human and fallible. Not all of her advice is perfect, and not all of her motives are always clear.

“For all her education, much of Amira’s strategy comes from the heart. Players will need to decide whether they trust in Amira, or whether they don’t,” finished Sliwinski. “Their lives depend on it.”

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