“The Heart of the Empire” Complete, “Blood for Blood” Introduced

Congratulations, Captain,

You are to be commended for a job very well done in rescuing Chancellor Martok. The Chancellor asked us to pass the following message along to you:

“The battle has renewed me, Captain. Congratulations on being a worthy ally for any Klingon warrior. I am no longer a young man, or I would certainly have demanded the blood of my captors for their insolence. In my older years, however, I see wisdom in “mercy.” We will...question the conspirators, Captain, and we will have our answers. B’Elanna Torres and I will find the other members of this Romulan plot, and act accordingly. Your actions have caught the attention of Emperor Kahless, a most difficult accomplishment. You have brought honor on your ancestors.”

We will keep you informed of further developments.

Congratulations to the top solo and squadron performers: [KM] Rowden and [KM] Kang’s Marauders. Well done to all!

The Thrilling Conclusion

This week, the Mega-Event “A Good Day to Lie” finishes with the spectacular hybrid Faction/Galaxy event “Blood for Blood." The final installment of the month-long story kicks off on Thursday, July 27th at Noon ET (16:00 UTC).

Knowing that the Romulans were behind the recent threats to their Empire, the Klingon public demands that these outrages be answered with blood. They are on the verge of starting a war they cannot win. While Starfleet helps repair the damage to the Klingon Empire, Janeway searches for the conspirators in a desperate bid to prevent further bloodshed.

The featured characters are:

  • Klingon Janeway (new, 5 star)

  • Advocate Kolos (new, 4 star)

  • Alidar Jarok (new, 4 star)

  • Kortar (existing, 5 star, non-event crew which provides event bonus)

Good Luck, Captains!