Recap: "When Giants Walk;" Previewing "The Heart of the Empire"

Congratulations, Captains, on a job well done in completing “When Giants Walk,” the second event in this month’s Mega-Event “A Good Day to Lie.” You overwhelmingly supported the Klingon Empire in your shuttle missions.

Upon your victory, Alexander reported that the most dangerous monsters have been rounded up. The ones that used to be Klingons are responding well to treatment. His father’s ridges don’t look quite the same as they used to, but Worf is alive, thanks to you. He wonders if the reappearance of these creatures and the mutation that overtook his father have anything to do with other recent events, such as the disappearance of Chancellor Martok. If Klingon Intelligence finds any leads, he promises to have them contact you immediately.

Congratulations to the top finisher on the Individual Leaderboard [AF] Mad Max and the Squadron Leaderboard Alpha Team [AF].


This week’s event promises even more danger and great rewards. Hybrid Faction/Expedition Event “The Heart of the Empire” reveals the location of Chancellor Martok, and he is not anywhere anyone would have expected. Before players can get to him, and the nefarious group of conspirators who have taken him from his Empire, they must thwart a plot on the life of Emperor Kahless himself.

Are you strong enough to save the life of a Klingon Emperor? Can you lead the Federation in holding the Klingon Empire together in its most dire moment? Find out in this week’s event “The Heart of the Empire.”

Featured Crew are:

  • Dahar Master Kang (New, 5 star)

  • Klingon Torres  (New, 4 star)

  • General Martok  (Existing, 4 star)

  • Kortar (Existing, 5 star) also provides a bonus

Featured Faction is The Klingon Empire.

“The Heart of the Empire” begins at 12:00 ET (16:00 UTC) on Thursday, July 20th.  Good luck, Captains.