"Scales of Power" Recap and "When Giants Walk" Information

In completing last weekend’s event “Scales of Power,” players overwhelmingly chose to support the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, and thus Klingon Neelix and Regent Worf’s claim to a seat on the High Council. While council membership remains in flux, the Federation support of the KCA has not gone unnoticed, and may forge the beginnings of a new alliance between the KCA and  the Klingon Empire. Chancellor Martok, however, has yet to be discovered.

New challenges abound in this week’s installment of “A Good Day to Lie.” Beginning at 12:00 ET (16:00 UDT) on Thursday, July 13th, Faction Event “When Giants Walk” will bring captains face-to-phaser with creatures they never dreamed possible. Monsters and legends from ancient Klingon myths walk the land once more, and many see their reappearance (along with the continued absence of Chancellor Martok) as an omen that the Klingon Empire is in its final days. Unwilling to let these fears become reality, Ambassador K’Ehleyr needs help returning these legends to the songs and stories where they belong, although each faction has its own ideas of how best to handle this crisis.

The featured characters (and their factions)  are:

Ambassador K’Ehleyr (new) (Section 31)

  • 4 stars

Liaison Torres (existing) (Hirogen)

  • 4 stars

Protomorphosis Worf (new) (Klingon Empire)

  • 5 stars

Kortar (existing)

  • 5 stars

Please note that while Captain Klaa is NOT event crew, he will receive a large bonus for this event. He will not be featured crew in the packs.

The event pack for “When Giants Walk” will be available in the Time Portal on Wednesday, July 12th.

Good Luck, Captains!