Post-AvA Hero Phase Analysis

Hello Bannermen,

With the Hero phase now a week behind us, the fog of war now lifts and we can see the course of our battles more clearly. For those brave enough to look, that is.

Our usual heat map of Victory Points clearly shows how the League of Justins truly dominated The North. It would appear that instead of inspiring feats of heroism, the Ancient Horn we offered as a one-time only reward led many Alliances to decide to leave the field of battle to others and live to fight another day.

For the Justins -- who do deserve our congratulations, and for whom, perhaps, Ancient Horn was their raison d’etre -- a place at the top of The North’s leader board was established almost from the first minute of the phase. Here is the hourly VP for The North for the first couple of days.

As always, we tracked the ‘helpful’ and ‘hurtful’ actions of the top-ranked Alliances across all regions. Harmful actions were as wonderfully bloody as ever. Ghosts of Wynterfell and Shenanigans again brought to life the epic battle of light and dark -- not that we would ever take sides. We wouldn’t dare. You people fight like demons!  

In other battles, Coven of Khaleesi’s B****** and The Blackwolf Rises gave us all a good show as they struggled for the Stormlands. In Crownlands, Fury Unchained found a worthy adversary in Puss E Riot (any relation to Wile E Coyote?). Which reminds us, here is the breakdown of helpful actions across Regions and Alliances.

To give you a picture of how intense things got in these regions, our data scientist produced some cool tables that show the proportion of GP these Alliances threw into their respective and embattled Regions. Here are the results.

We know that this blog has focused on the bigger and more powerful Alliances and less so on those Alliances who perhaps don’t have as many members, or don’t climb as high up the leaderboards but we know that many of you are small and mighty. That is why we have decided that following the next AvA phase, and in keeping with its name, we will give special attention to the Smallfolk of AvA in our post-phase blog. See you all then!