Results from the Triskelion Tournament

The Triskelion Tournament has come to a close!
Captains were approached by Captain Picard, appearing as Robin Hood, who explained that his crew had been taken hostage during shore leave by the Providers of Triskelion. The group used the power of their thoughts to transform the planet’s surface into a tourney in the style of Earth’s Middle Ages. Their Starfleet, Klingon, and Ferengi prisoners were outfitted accordingly and told they would be freed if they could win the competition at hand, the Triskelion Tournament. 
Robin Hood recommended supporting the captured Starfleet crewmen to sabotage the Providers’ defenses and escape the planet without engaging in the tournament. Princess Jadzia and the Klingons argued the best way to escape capture was to play by the rules of the tourney and emerge victorious. Q, taking the form of the Sheriff of Nottingham, sided with the Ferengi and argued for winning the tournament through trickery and deception.
Captains chose to support Robin Hood and the Federation. With the help of the planet’s Caretaker and Robin Hood, Captains were able to disable the tournament grounds along with the Providers’ “knights.” All of Starfleet’s people have been freed, and no one had to risk their lives in the Tournament for the sake of the Providers’ entertainment. 


[KM] Grease Monkey topped the solo leaderboard this week with 1,299,369 victory points (VP) during the Triskelion Tournament event, and squadron [KM] KURN'S MARAUDERS topped the Squadron Leaderboard. A total of nearly 2 billion VP were earned during the event. 
Below are the top 10 solo players and squadrons who earned the most VP during Triskelion Tournament:

We hope you enjoyed the tourney and look forward to your help in the upcoming Hybrid event, Guiding Principles!

Next Event: Guiding Principles

In the upcoming Hybrid-Faction-Galaxy event, Guiding Principles, Captains encounter Captain T’Pol who is handling an emergency situation on Troyius. To complicate matters, incongruous Starfleet regulations from different timelines are causing issues with emergency response decisions. If you can help Captain T’Pol, Admiral Riker will need your help to devise a new training program for Starfleet Academy, giving both new students and experienced officers consistent protocols to follow no matter what they’ve been taught before.

Guiding Principles starts Thursday, June 22nd at Noon ET (16:00 UTC). You may wish to level your versions of T'Pol, Kira, and Wesley Crusher in preparation for this event.
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