Results from the Protector Phase

Greetings Bannermen,

During the Protector Phase, Sworn Swords defended the garrisons and the honor of their alliances. Each day we provided updates on the Superlative standings for the previous day. Read on for the final results.


Regional Champions of the Protector Phase:


Superlative Winners:

As a reminder, the First-place Alliance in a region is not eligible for that region’s superlative, though they have the opportunity to win superlatives in other regions as well as the Protector of the Realm superlative. The winner of the Protector of the Realm superlative is ineligible to win other Superlatives.

Protector of the Realm: Highest Total VP earned by an Alliance across all regions.

Protection Money:

This Hurts You More Than It Hurts Me:

First, Last and Only Aid:

It's Only Peeking if You Catch Me:

To Unnerve and Protect:

My Sword is My Shield:

The Wind Beneath Your Wings:

King of Karma:

Raise Shields to Full:

Our thanks to all participants that took part in the Protector Phase, and congratulations to all of the winners!

During this Phase we made a change to the GP cap for camps and in an upcoming blog we will break down alliance activity further.

Until then, have a wonderful day in Westeros!