Rogue AvA Phase Changelog

Greetings Bannermen,


For the Rogue phase, we will be changing many of the rules you have come to know in AvA. To help alliances prepare, we are providing the following Changelog.


Camp Information:

- Camp Level Max: 1

- Cost is drastically reduced

- Battle - 1 Stone, 1 Wood, 1 Horse

- Trade - 1 Cloth, 1 Grain, 1 Smallfolk

- Intrigue - 1 Fish, 1 Fur, 1 Ore

- Camp Health: 2,000,000

- Cannot contribute silver to replenish camp health

- Camp Silver: 2,000,000

- Cannot contribute silver to replenish camp silver (must use actions instead)

- Changing name to "Morale" instead of silver

- Garrison Limit: 300 per camp (900 per Region)

- Camp Upgrade VP: 100k

- Camp Passive VP: 300k/hour


Camp Type:

- Primary Stat: 1000

- Non-Primary Stats: 800 each

- Remove specialized effect of each Camp (+Passive VP, +Silver Pool, +15% effect of actions)

- Garrison Points per player: 20

- Removed effect of Temporary Talents for adding GP

- Removed effect of Permanent Talents for adding GP

- Removed effect of Levels, for adding GP



- No loss effects, other than a wound on actions (exceptions are Aid/Barter - no wounds are given to your SS)

- Waves reduced to a static 16 minutes

- Removed effect of wave cooldown reduction (cannot speed up the rate at which you can send actions)

- Spy - Only 1 Spy Point is required for all 4 spiders of information about the target camp

- Spy Point information should remain available for an hour

- Resource rewards for attacks are reduced to 1 common resource for every successful attack

- Calculation for VP from actions has changed:

- Attacking alliances of higher rank gives more VP.

- Camp Health and Morale (previously Silver) Pool does not affect Active VP.

- Upgrading your camp, at max level, does not dismiss the upgrade screen, and player must leave and re-enter the Camp screen to have updated graphics

- Descriptions of actions are updated to reflect their new effects

- Names of actions are not updated to reflect their new effects


Sworn Swords:

- The reason we're keeping dead SS is that we don't want idle players to have a negative impact on their alliance. Idle SS will defend the camp, and can die (to make room for active alliance members), but since we don’t want there to be a cost for playing, we’ve lowered the cost and time for replacing dead SS.

- Replace Timer for dead SS is reduced to 10 minutes

- Cost for replacing dead SS is reduced to 0 silver



- How To (Help Screen) text changed to point to this Blog, instead

- Threshold reward requirements have changed to reflect the new VP amounts (rewards themselves are the same)

We wish all alliances the best of luck in the Rogue Phase and look forward to hearing your feedback on these changes.