Rogue Phase Superlatives & Titles

Greetings Bannermen!


Put aside the rulebooks — Rogue is upon us! The one-day, experimental AvA phase, as different from all other AvAs as its name would suggest, will begin at 11:00 AM ET (15:00 UTC) on Thursday, May 11, and run for 24 hours; that is, until 11:00 AM ET (15:00 UTC) on Friday, May 12.


To learn more about this unique AvA, please see our announcement blog []. And refer to our Rogue Phase FAQs in the forms [] for more information.


A detailed change log explaining the specific rules for Rogue (e.g., what actions are worth and the duration of cooldown timers), will be made available in our forums on Tuesday, May 9. Use it to plan your roguish strategies.


Meanwhile, to whet your appetites, here are the Regional Titles and Superlatives for the Rogue Phase.


Rogue AvA Regional Titles.png

We wish all participating Alliances the best of luck in Rogue. Remember, this is a concept phase with lots of changes meant to test possible changes to the AvA system. A forum thread for feedback has been set up [] and we look forward to hearing all constructive ideas.