Results from Zero Hour, a Look Ahead at Experimental Design

Zero Hour: Completed!

Zero Hour – the first of four events during the Process of Assimilation mega-event – has concluded. Captains across the Alpha Quadrant lent their support to the Klingon people, though the Borg also attacked the Terran Empire and the Hirogen. As a result, Captains helped the Klingon Empire evacuate many settlements in the path of the Borg, despite their reluctance to retreat from battle. However, there were casualties – the Borg cannot be defeated by Klingon bravery alone. Now, Torres and the other former drones from Unimatrix Zero will help captains in the ongoing fight against the Borg.

Congratulations to everyone for helping to stave off Borg advances!


A special congratulations to [BL] Glorfumble who earned the most victory points (VP) during the event with 1,468,565 VP. [BL] Glorfumble earned the all-new Borg Queen by hitting the 25,000 VP threshold along with 27,506 other players. Captains also earned 62,936 Drone Seven of Nine by hitting VP thresholds of 6,500, 40,000, and 130,000.

Below are the top 10 solo players and squadrons who earned the most VP during Zero Hour:

As a community, Captains reached a VP total score of 2,087,100,905, leading to all players who participated in the event receiving Mirror Phlox, Drone Seven of Nine, and 10 premium packs for the Time Portal.

We hope you have enjoyed Zero Hour and look forward to your help to save the Alpha Quadrant from the relentless threat of the Borg in our next event, Experimental Design!

Next Event: Experimental Design

In the upcoming Faction event, Experimental Design, Captains learn that the Borg are seeking a unique piece of technology that Section 31 has been developing in secret - transphasic torpedos. The Borg wish to assimilate this invention, but Section 31 claims that if they can complete their research, it may be Starfleet’s best hope of resisting the Borg. Convinced that the Borg will pursue this technology as long as it exists and horrified by the thought of how many people they will assimilate in the process, the Maquis are demanding that it be destroyed.

As a part of this event, there will be new packs which include Dr. Tolian Soran as well as the all-new Assimilated Tuvok and the Borg drone, One.

To prepare for the event, Captains should level their Tuvoks, Borg Queen, Soran, and all other Borg crew as they will receive bonuses while performing in Experimental Design.

How can you resist?

Experimental Design starts this Thursday, May 11th.  

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