Resistance: Completed!

Resistance – the final event in the Process of Assimilation mega-event – has concluded.

Captains worked with Admiral Picard and the Federation to shut down a crashed Borg cube’s defenses and study its systems. From what was learned in the cube about how the Borg’s vinculum connect all of the drones, Janeway found a power source for an anti-vinculum pulse that severed the Borg Queen’s connection to her drones. Even though the Federation has succeeded for now the Borg Queen reminds us all that the Collective will be back as resistance is always futile in the end. For now, she has fled back to the Delta Quadrant, and new plans are needed for the inevitable return of the Borg. But for now...Congratulations for successfully stopping the Borg invasion of Alpha Quadrant!



Captain [KM] Deli topped the solo leaderboard this week with 4,470,256 victory points (VP) during the Resistance event, and squadron 1 of 4 {AF} topped the Squadron Leaderboard. A total of more than 3.5 BILLION VP were earned during the event!  Captains who participated in Resistance collectively earned 50,330 Icheb 1, 30,395 Borg Queen, and 22,609 Icheb 2. Below are the top 10 solo players and squadrons who earned the most VP during Resistance.



We hope you enjoyed Resistance as well as the overall Borg mega-event, Process of Assimilation!


In Review: Process of Assimilation

When the Borg first arrived during Zero Hour, the quadrant had to fight for its survival. Thanks to your support, the Klingons were able hold the Borg at bay and evacuate many of their settlements before the Collective could assimilate them.

Following the initial run for cover, Federation Captains learned during Experimental Design that Section 31 was secretly developing transphasic torpedos. Rather than destroy them as the Maquis suggested, you chose to support Section 31, and Dr. Tolian Soran was able to develop a working prototype for transphasic torpedos that enabled Starfleet to have a fighting chance against the Borg.

Before an attack could be organized, a new threat emerged during Contagion. The Augments brought news to the Federation that some of their children were being born with Borg implants, even though their parents were unassimilated. After coordinating efforts with the Augments, Captains learned from La Forge that the nanoprobes infecting the Augments had a temporal signature from a different timeline. That evidence suggested there was more than one version of the Collective attempting to assimilate the Alpha Quadrant.

With the Borg threat now fully understood, Captains were able to go on the offensive during Resistance. Captains supported Picard and Janeway as they identified a piece of Borg technology known as a vinculum which connected all of the drones to the Borg Queen. An anti-vinculum pulse was set-off, and with loss of her drones, the Borg Queen was forced to retreat from the Alpha Quadrant leaving the Federation victorious!


Thank you for resisting the Borg, Captains, and proving to the Federation and the Collective that resistance is not futile!

Live long and prosper!

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