Post-AvA Muse Phase Analysis

Greeting Bannermen,

For the poets among us, the phrase ‘the muse strikes’ is a call to inspiration and creative work. While some express themselves with a quill and parchment, others prefer to speak with a blade. Bannermen, we give you the Muse Phase results!

First, here is a region by region breakdown of Alliance Victory Points. Lots of interesting things going on here, but we couldn’t help but notice the close-fought battles. First, in Dorne, between Black Vipers, Raiders Of the Narrow Sea AND From the Ashes (who were mistakenly not mentioned in the initial version of this blog, an error for which we want to offer our apologies to all From the Ashes members. No disrespect meant, we promise). And secondly, in Crownlands, between Ghosts of Wynterfell and Shagga Likes Axes.  

So we took a closer look, and will let the graphs speak for themselves. Except to add, congratulations, From the Ashes, for your nail-biting 28K VP win in Dorne.

Back by popular demand, we compiled for you the helpful and harmful region by region actions for the top-ranked Alliances. Clearly, for some Alliances, the muses were whispering, “Fight! Fight! Kill!” Here again is Ghosts of Wynterfell and Shagga Likes Axes locked in an epic struggle of light versus dark, similarly followed by The Lancers and Fury Unchained. Yet despite these hotspots of conflict, we noticed that overall there seemed fewer high numbers of harmful actions in this phase as compared to earlier ones. Perhaps we are seeing the faint dawning of peace in Westeros. Summer is coming? No, we didn’t think so either.

As for the Superlatives, our data scientist again performed his dubious community service by graphing out the twin Superlatives of pain: wounds received in The Vale and wounds inflicted in Crownlands.

For wounds received, we witnessed a cool reversal of fate from the beginning to the end of the phase, where Poisonous Malevolence saw defeat snatched from the jaws of victory as Trinity came from behind to take the Superlative away from them. Congrats, Trinity! As for First Brotherhood Without Manners, it’s never easy being in the middle, but no one can slight you your impressive gains on the final day.

And finally, we ask the question ‘what’s in a name’? Well, if that name is Ser Dontos, apparently a lot of pain and suffering, plus a well-earned Superlative. Congratulations goes to ‘Dontos for the Iron Throne’ for winning their namesake Superlative in Crownlands with nearly 80K of Wounds meted out to their hapless opponents.  Not bad for a drunken fool, eh Ser Dontos?

Thank you to all the Alliances, great and small, who participated in Muse. We look forward to seeing all of you again for the Protector Phase, starting on June 9th.