Results from the Muse Phase

Greetings Bannermen,

The Muse Phase inspired alliances to great deeds, the fields were painted with blood and the coffers were lined with silver. Each day we provided updates on the Superlative standings but everyone has been awaiting the final results so please read on.


Regional Champions of the Muse Phase:

First in the North - Ghosts of Wynterfell 

First in the Iron Islands - Winter is Coming Alliance 

First in the Westerlands - The Lancers 

First in the Crownlands - Shagga Likes Axes

First in the Stormlands - Shagga Likes Axes

First in Dorne - From the Ashes

First in the Reach - The Black Council 

First in the Riverlands - Baratheon's Bastards 

First in The Vale - Kong''s Landing

Superlative Winners:

As a reminder, the First-place Alliance in a region is not eligible for that region’s superlative, though they have the opportunity to win superlatives in other regions as well as the We Are a Muse superlative. The winner of the We Are a Muse superlative is ineligible to win other Superlatives.

We Are a Muse: Highest Total VP earned by an Alliance across all regions.

I Think Therefore You Aren't:

A Copper Penny for Your Thought:

For Your Consideration:

Ser Dontos Award: 

The Third Eye:

I Think Therefore You Are: 

A Fool and His Money:

Tears of a Clown: 

A Fool for a Client: 

Once again we would like to extend our congratulations to all participants. The next AvA Phase will begin on June 9 so take this time to restock, resupply your keeps, and to train and heal your Sworn Swords.