Results from Contagion, a Look Ahead at Resistance

Contagion – the third of four events during the Process of Assimilation mega-event – has concluded. Captains heard from the Augments that some of their children were being born with Borg implants, even though their parents were unassimilated. After coordinating efforts with the Augments, Captains learned from La Forge that the nanoprobes infecting people have a temporal signature different from a different timeline. This evidence suggests there’s more than one version of the Collective attempting to assimilate the Alpha Quadrant.  

Congratulations to everyone for helping to stop this insidious new threat before future generations could be lost to the Collective!


Captain Danandi {AF} topped the solo leaderboard this week with 2,379,880 victory points (VP) during the Contagion event, and squadron 1 of 4 {AF} topped the Squadron Leaderboard. A total of nearly 2 billion VP were earned during the event.  Captains who participated in Contagion collectively earned won 22,609 Icheb at the highest tier and 30,305 Borg Queens. Congrats to all Captains!

Below are the top 10 solo players and squadrons who earned the most VP during Contagion:


We hope you enjoyed Contagion and look forward to your help to save the Alpha Quadrant from the relentless threat of the Borg in the final event of Process of Assimilation: Resistance!

Next Event: Resistance

In the upcoming Hybrid-Faction-Expedition event, Resistance, Captains finally have the chance to go on the offensive. The federation has identified a crashed Borg cube which may hold the key to sending the Borg fleet back to the Delta Quadrant, if Starfleet can pinpoint its weaknesses in time.


To prepare for the event, Captains should level their Picards, Janeways, all crew with the Borg trait, and the Borg Queen, will receive bonuses while performing in Resistance.

How can you resist?

Resistance starts Thursday, May 25th at Noon, ET (16:00 UDT).

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