Results from Experimental Design, a Look Ahead at Contagion

Experimental Design: Completed!

Experimental Design – the second of four events during the Process of Assimilation mega-event – has concluded. Captains sent the majority of their to support Section 31 after learning that the Borg were trying to acquire transphasic torpedo technology being secretly developed by Section 31. As a result, Dr. Tolian Soran was able to develop a working prototype for transphasic torpedos that will enable Starfleet to have a fighting chance against the Borg. As a man who lost his family to the Collective, he will work tirelessly to destroy the Borg threat.

Congratulations to everyone for helping to stop the Borg from acquiring this dangerous technology! 


{nWo} Bastion topped the solo leaderboard this week with 1,339,249 victory points (VP) during the Experimental Design event. {nWo} Bastion earned multiple Assimilated Tuvoks by hitting the 3,000, 18,000, and 120,000 VP thresholds as well as the Borg Queen for hitting the 20,000 VP threshold. Captains who participated in Experimental Design collectively earned 1,640,003,391 VP and won 75,207 Assimilated Tuvoks and 22,132 Borg Queens.

Below are the top 10 solo players and squadrons who earned the most VP during Experimental Design

We hope you enjoyed Experimental Design and look forward to your help to save the Alpha Quadrant from the relentless threat of the Borg in our next event, Contagion!

Next Event: Contagion

In the upcoming Hybrid-Faction-Galaxy event, Contagion, Captains receive reports from the Augments stating that some of their children are being born with Borg implants. If the Borg have devised a way to assimilate individuals before they are even born, there is no telling just how many populations could be affected. Starfleet must find a way to counteract this new threat before future generations are lost to the Collective.

To prepare for the event, Captains should level their Arik Soong, La Forges, Borg Queen, and all other Borg crew as they will receive bonuses while performing in Contagion.

How can you resist? 

Contagion starts this Thursday, May 18th. 

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