Announcing the Rogue AvA Phase

Hello Bannermen!


We are excited to announce an upcoming special event: the 1-day Rogue AvA Phase, starting Thursday May 11 at 11:00 ET (15:00 UTC) and ending on Friday, May 12 at 11:00 ET (15:00 UTC).


A Unique AvA Experience

The Rogue AvA Phase will offer an experience unlike any AvA you have played before. With increased emphasis on individual actions and tactical gameplay, Rogue will offer players of all experience levels, and Alliances of all sizes, an opportunity to play AvA in a new way — at least for 24 hours.


An Experiment in Gameplay

For the Rogue phase, we will be changing many of the rules you have come to know in AvA. Aside from providing you a new experience, these changes will allow us to test possible future changes with real players, outside of the normally scheduled AvA phases (which will not be affected). Of course, as with all experiments, we expect some changes will be more successful than others. Our aim is to focus on and learn from what works, and hope you will join us in that goal. In any case, Rogue likely will be unpredictable and action-packed, just like any AvA should be!


Low Risk and Low Cost

Rogue is being planned to require low resources from you. That is, you will require little in the way of silver or consumables to play. Also there will be no cost to revive Sworn Swords during Rogue. Together, these temporary changes will minimize any negative impact Rogue might have on the rest of your game.


Real Rewards

Despite being low risk to play, Rogue will have real rewards to make your participation worthwhile. It will include Regional Titles and threshold rewards, like any other AvA, though thresholds will be adjusted to fit the 24 hour duration.


Some Details

While we cannot tell you everything yet — we are still getting things ready for you — here is some of what you can expect from Rogue:


  • Garrison Points (GP) set to flat amount and lower the GP per player limit to provide a more level playing field for all players and open up participation

  • GP-related fealty talents not counted towards this event to provide a more ‘level’ playing field through uniform availability of Sworn Sword

  • Lower GP required to Spy to allow players to better use the lower GP levels in Rogue

  • Reduced cooldown for sending waves to allow players to maximize the amount of actions they can send within the short phase

  • Action cooldown from gear not counted towards this event to level the playing field for all players and to keep the focus on actions over gear

  • Camps restricted to a single level (with large Silver and Health pools) to keep focus on actions instead of camp maintenance

  • Players cannot directly replenish Camp Health and Silver Pool with silver, but will have to replenish them through actions, to increase active gameplay

  • Low camp resource requirements to lower risk/cost for participating in Rogue

  • Bonuses on camp types removed to avoid possible camp imbalances

  • Impact values, of actions, increased to increase emphasis on actions

  • Sworn Swords can be Replaced at no cost, and with a reduced replace timer, to allow players to easily replace those fallen in battle

  • Personal VP thresholds adjusted for 24 hour phase duration to make sure that all rewards are attainable

We will release more information as the event draws closer and we hope that you are as excited by this event as we are.