STAR TREK TIMELINES: What is the Honor Hall?

By Michael Woods, Game Designer, STAR TREK TIMELINES

Hello Captains!

The most exciting feature arriving in the upcoming 1.9.0 client update is the Honor Hall. With this feature, we will introduce an all-new currency to STAR TREK TIMELINES called Honor that we hope will allow for more flexibility as Captains play. As you dismiss unwanted crew, you’ll earn Honor, which can then be spent in the Honor Hall located in the Time Portal. In this blog post, I'll further explain both what Captains can expect with the Honor Hall, as well as what our goals have been in designing this feature.

Our team's primary goal with the Honor Hall was to provide greater flexibility for Captains to advance and upgrade their favorite crew. Are you in dire need of Training Programs? Spend your Honor on Training Programs to train your crew to the next equipment rank. Is your 2/4 star Mirror Garak in dire need of another star? Save up Honor for a Super Rare Honorable Citation to fuse him to 3/4 stars. Within the Honor Hall’s initial launch in 1.9.0, Captains will be able to choose from a number of crew-related offerings. But, we’ll be looking for player feedback and hope to expand those offerings in future builds as well.

Another goal of Honor was to reduce the player frustration we recognize has been occurring when Captains open Time Portal packs and find a bunch of duplicate crew. At times, receiving only Training Programs from dismissing crew was lackluster. For some Captains this compensation ended up being completely meaningless and a few of our Captains ended up with tens of thousands of Training Programs! We believe that providing Honor when dismissing crew will let Captains use their Honor for whatever their individual goals are in Star Trek Timelines, and that it provides far more value than just providing Training Programs. For those Captains who still need Training Programs, you can still purchase them with Honor in the Honor Hall. And for Captains who have tens of thousands of Training Programs, we are also adding Training Programs as fuel for the Replicator, giving you greater flexibility if you end up with a glut of programs and no crew requiring training.

A final goal behind the design of the Honor Hall is that we want to make sure that Honor and Honorable Citations do not detract from the current prestige of Legendary and Super Rare crew. We want to respect the existing investments that Captains have made and plan for the Honor Hall to live alongside the excitement of winning a featured crew from an event or pulling them from the Dabo Wheel. Getting another copy of a crew member will always be the most efficient and exciting way to earn more stars for your crew. But, for Captains who want to save up their Honor, it is now possible to earn more stars for your crew even if they are no longer available. The Honor Hall will give Captains another way to upgrade and advance their favorite crew, while the Time Portal and Event rewards will remain the best option for acquiring new crew.

In the future there will be even more ways of earning Honor in Star Trek Timelines other than just dismissing crew. One of these future avenues will be tied to fleet participation; helping your fleet out through new features will earn Honor and the appreciation of your fleet members! We will be releasing details of these new sources of Honor in future blogs or build notes.

I hope that this post provided players with a greater understanding of our goals with the Honor Hall, Honor and Honorable Citations. And, when the 1.9.0 client update launches, that this feature will provide Captains with new strategies and options in advancing and upgrading crew. We’ll continue to look for ways to improve the Honor Hall and we also look forward to hearing player feedback following the launch of the 1.9.0 client update!

Michael Woods, Game Designer