Results from the Bard Phase

The most recent AvA Phase should give the bards stories to tell throughout winter and for many seasons to come. We continued the daily updates on the Superlative standings but we know that you are all eagerly awaiting the final results so please read on.

Regional Champions of the Bard Phase:

First in the North - Hotel De Hodor’

First in the Iron Islands - Kong’s Landing

First in the Westerlands - Shenanigans

First in the Crownlands - Shagga Likes Axes

First in the Stormlands - Shagga Likes Axes

First in Dorne - Kong’s Landing

First in the Reach - Blind Squirrels

First in the Riverlands - Baratheon’s Bastards

First in The Vale - Shagga Likes Axes

Superlative Winners:


As a reminder, the First-place Alliance in a region is not eligible for that region’s superlative, though they have the opportunity to win superlatives in other regions as well as the Westeros Idol superlative. The winner of the Westeros Idol superlative is ineligible to win other Superlatives.


Westeros Idol: Highest Total VP earned by an Alliance across all regions.

  1. Shagga Likes Axes

  2. Kong’s Landing

  3. Hotel De Hodor’

  4. The Deadpool

  5. Fury Unchained

  6. Strongholds of the Blackfish

  7. Shenanigans

  8. Blind Squirrels

  9. Baratheon’s Bastards

  10. From the Ashes

Snow Patrol: Greatest total number of Fight plus Harass Actions by an Alliance in The North:

  1. Hotel De Hodor’

  2. Nephilim (Superlative Winner)

  3. From the Ashes

  4. The White Raven Guard

  5. The Dornish Banners

  6. Bound by nothing

  7. What is Dead May Never Die Harder

  8. Hightower for Stark

  9. Oberyn’s Bastards

  10. Guardians of the Night

The Velvet Fog: Greatest number of Spy Points earned by an Alliance in Iron Islands.

  1. Kong’s Landing

  2. Hotel De Hodor’ (Superlative Winner)

  3. Direwolf Keep

  4. The Deadpool

  5. Blind Squirrels

  6. Shagga Likes Axes

  7. Raiders of the Narrow Sea

  8. Shenanigans

  9. Strongholds of the Blackfish

  10. The House of Medici

Canary in a Goldmine: Most number of Swindle Actions per participant in Westerlands (minimum 5 participants).

  1. The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (Superlative Winner)

  2. Dragonlords of Westeros

  3. Knights of Dragon Guard

  4. Roots of the Godswood

  5. Empire of Westeros

  6. Hear Me Roar

  7. Hunters of Westeros

  8. Strongholds of the Blackfish

  9. A Brotherhood without Banners

  10. Knights of the Winter Rose

Burning Down the House: Most camp damage dealt by an Alliance per participant in Crownlands (minimum 5 participants).

  1. Big Mama’s House (Superlative Winner)

  2. Bloody Mummers

  3. Ice Lords

  4. Shagga Likes Axes

  5. The Bannermen

  6. La Quinzieme Flamme

  7. Barristan’s Dragons Guard

  8. Raiders Of The Narrow Sea

  9. Eye Spy Alliance

  10. Fury Unchained

Money for Nothing: Greatest amount of Silver earned for the least number of all actions by an Alliance in Stormlands.

  1. The White Raven Guard (Superlative Winner)

  2. Dragonlords of Westeros

  3. Three eyed ravens

  4. Baratheon’s Bastards

  5. Brotherhood Of The Silver Sands

  6. The Deadpool

  7. Storm of Fury

  8. Shagga Likes Axes

  9. Shenanigans

  10. Blind Squirrels

We’ve Got Plenty of Nothing: Fewest Victory Points per action earned by an Alliance in Dorne (minimum 5 participants, minimum 100 actions).

  1. Shenanigans (Superlative Winner)

  2. Blind Squirrels

  3. Strongholds of the Blackfish

  4. Hotel De Hodor’

  5. Shadows of Balerion

  6. Fury Unchained

  7. From the Ashes

  8. The Broken Tower

  9. N I G H T F O R T

  10. Knights of the Queensguard

Every Thorn has its Rose: Most Victory Points earned from Steal Actions in The Reach.

  1. Otter Marauders (Superlative Winner)

  2. Balerion’s Ashes

  3. Baratheon’s Bastards

  4. The Deadpool

  5. Kong’s Landing

  6. From the Ashes

  7. Winds of Winter

  8. The Northern Watch

  9. Fury Untamed

  10. Shenanigans

The Wedding Singer: Highest number of Sworn Swords lost by an Alliance in Riverlands.

  1. Kings of Winter (Superlative Winner)

  2. La Cosa Nostra

  3. Baratheon’s Bastards

  4. Naked Pyre Dancers

  5. Kong’s Landing

  6. Winter is Coming so Beware

  7. Warriors From The North

  8. Red September

  9. A Gathering Of Dragons

  10. Valyrian Dire Wolves

Dove’s Cry: Most Aid Actions per participant in The Vale (minimum 5 participants).

  1. The Fist of First Men (Superlative Winner)

  2. Otter Marauders

  3. The Winter Rebels

  4. Knights of Dragon Guard

  5. Knights of the Winter Rose

  6. Von Stromm BloodLine

  7. The Salt Mine

  8. Unwashed Unwilling Unwanted

  9. The Arya Empire

  10. House Stark Alliance