Post-AvA Rebel Phase Analysis

Regional VP Heatmap

As with previous phases, we want to provide you with a regional Victory Point heatmap for the top alliances now that the Rebel phase is over.  The values are in millions of VP and the highlighted boxes indicate the winner for the region.

Most Alliances in the top twenty ranks competed in multiple regions. Of these, many focused on two or three key Regions, and used the remaining regions for strategic purposes. Westerlands and The Vale were perhaps the most hotly contested regions, with impressively high, close-matched Victory Point levels to show for it.


A Breakdown of Helpful Versus Harmful Actions


After the Rebel Phase was complete, we thought you would be interested in seeing the levels of harmful versus helpful actions sent by Alliances against one another in the top 10. The data shows the numbers of actions (Helpful equals Aid + Barter, while Harmful equals Fight + Harass + Swindle + Bribe + Spy + Sabotage + Steal). The attacking alliance is listed on the left of the table, while the target along the top.


While Alliance strategies are far too dynamic, shifting and multi-layered to be mapped by a couple tables of data, the numbers do highlight the dogfights that erupt in AvA from phase to phase. For example, the feisty Fury Unchained was clearly embroiled in a fierce struggle with the top-placed Kong’s Landing in the Westerlands. The whispers concerning this struggle would put Varys to shame, and include ‘bribe bombs’ and the farming of allies.  Interesting. In any case, the battles were definitely real and no doubt Kong’s Landing will be keeping an eye over their shoulder as the Beast Phase approaches. That is, it would not surprise us to see more Alliances coordinating their actions with allies as they attempt to climb the boards.


Levels of Actions from Phase to Phase

Given our recent interest in, and changes to, intrigue actions since the Dawn Phase, we wanted to provide you with a breakdown of action types over the last four phases.


Given the relatively modest buff we gave to the value and cost intrigue actions (Spy, Steal, Sabotage), we were not really surprised that the levels of these actions did not increase significantly in the Spider and Rebel phase.  We remain interested, however, in finding ways to make Intrigue actions as strategically attractive as Battle and Trade actions--without undermining what works in AvA. So don’t be surprised if we revisit this part of AvA in future phases.