Major updates coming in version 1.8.0!

Greetings, Captains!

Today we released the 1.8.0 client for STAR TREK TIMELINES. Below is a summary of the changes you’ll see in-game as a result. We hope you enjoy these improvements!

CLIENT v1.8.0

Crew Management Improvements

  • Players can now favorite (or “heart”) their favorite crew to be always displayed at the top of their crew list! Use this feature to keep the crew you care about most at the top of your Crew Quarters.
  • New icons added to the crew management screen to better direct players towards equipping or obtaining items.

  • When receiving a “Behold” Pick-3 in the Time Portal, each crew now displays their highest star level if you already have them, or “Unowned” if they are new to your roster.

  • Tapping on a crew member when received in the Time Portal now displays their traits. 

UI Improvements

  • Away Mission nodes locked by traits now show correctly formatted trait names. 

  • Additional Away Mission visual improvements for readability.

  • When training crew, you have been able to tap and hold to use more than one Training program at a time; we have improved the speed for adding training programs, so you can train your crew faster than ever.

  • The training menu now has larger numbers for better visibility. 

  • Visual adjustments to the Shuttle Mission menu to prevent overlapping of text.

  • The Galaxy Map UI has been revamped! No more episode popups cluttering your view and preventing you from visiting the stars - enjoy a cleaner experience for your game.

SERVER v1.8.0

The 1.8.0 client changes follow on the recent 1.8.0 server release, which included many additional improvements and changes to the game. Below is a recap of those server changes, which are already live.   

Changes to Crew, Items and Traits

  • Boxer Chakotay: Addressed a bug where Ship ability stats were incorrectly set to a 4-star rarity. Attack Bonus: reduced from 4 to 2 and Positioning Attack Bonus: reduced from 3 to 2
  • Platonian Kirk's Wreath: Fixed a bug where the stat values didn’t increase with higher rarities of the item. Kirk’s wreath now correctly increase in Command at higher rarities. As a result, Kirk’s base Command has been slightly lowered, so overall stats remain unchanged.
  • Subcommander T'Rul's Disruptor Pistol now displays the correct image and name.
  • Goddess of Empathy Troi: Changed Troi’s Forensic Psychology Text to Autosuture.
  • Dr. Selar now wears a uniform from the appropriate era.
  • Warship Chakotay now wears a correct shirt. We convinced him that his sleeveless undershirt wasn’t appropriate for these militant times.
  • Prospero Data: Changed Data’s Positronic Brain to Stembolt.
  • Dancing Uhura: Updated several SEC items to the correct DIP or CMD items. 
  • Created a new trait: KCA. The following crew now have the KCA trait: Mirror Garak, Mirror K'Ehlyr, Mirror Worf, Mirror Intendant Kira.
  • Mirror Kirk: Replaced Federation trait with Duelist, Starfleet trait with Terran Empire, Inspiring trait with Brutal.
  • Mirror Uhura: Replaced Federation trait with Brutal, Starfleet trait with Terran Empire. 
  • Ambassador Fox: Replaced Ambassador trait with Veteran. The Ambassador trait was a deprecated trait that was not used in missions.
  • Ambassador Troi: Replaced Ambassador trait with Communicator. The Ambassador trait was a deprecated trait that was not used in missions.
  • Episode 5 mission “Thy Enemy’s Secrets” node fixed to be unlocked by the Brutal trait.
  • Linguistic Database stats now properly increase with increased rarity.

Changes to Faction Events

  • Increased the chance for duplicate skills to appear in Faction Missions. Players may see missions that require multiple of a skill (Ex: SEC / SEC / ENG) occur more often. This change was made to increase the value of featured crew and skills during an event.

Changes to Mission Item Drop Chance and Distribution

We have made a significant and far-reaching change to item drops in the game. This change is a second part of our Episode updates, the first of which was a comprehensive rebalance of Episode difficulty back in January 2017. With today’s build, we have made numerous tweaks to our mission item drop balance to accomplish a few key goals: 

  • Increasing the chance that players will receive high rarity components when completing Elite and Epic missions. 
  • Improving the variety of mission rewards for some Elite and Epic missions. 
  • Increasing drop locations for some sought after items. 
  • More information can be found here:

Other Changes

  • Addressed many typos on crew, items, and missions. 
  • Fixed a bug where the support ticket field was limited to one line.
  • Fixed a bug that could create errors during Galaxy Event crafting if a player came back to the game from the background. This error still created the item, but concerned some players. This should now be fixed.
  • Adjusted Cadet Challenge schedule images to better convey their rewards. 
  • Added scroll bar to credits and Away Mission story text.
  • Improved button layout adjustments to various results screens.
  • A significant refactoring of Tutorial performance has been completed, which should no longer result in players breaking their tutorial state. This change should greatly improve the stability and performance of our tutorial. 

The Star Trek Timelines Team