Beast Phase Superlatives & Titles

Greetings Bannermen,


The Beast AvA Phase begins this week! It will begin on Friday, March 17th at 11:00 AM ET (15:00 UTC) and run until Tuesday, March 21st at 11:00 AM ET (15:00 UTC).


The Regional Titles for the Beast Phase are as follows:

Beast Titles.png


For the Beast Phase, we are pleased to announce the launch of ‘Daily Superlative Standings’. These standings, to be published on the Disruptor Beam forums, will list the top 10 alliances for each regional Superlative for the previous day. We have scheduled these daily updates for no later than 3:00 PM ET (20:00 UTC). These standings will help alliances know who is winning or in contention for Superlatives from day to day, within the phase itself. Watch the Forums for the soon-to-arrive ‘Superlative Standings’ thread.


Speaking of Superlatives, here they are for the Beast Phase:


Best of luck to all Alliances in the Beast Phase!