Greetings Captains!

With our next event, Captain’s Oath, we are introducing a new event concept: Hybrid Events! Hybrid Events allow us to combine different events types into the same event narrative. In practice, this means that when an event phase changes, the gameplay may change to fit the narrative. Perhaps they begin as a Faction Event and change to a Galaxy Event; or maybe an Expedition Event changes into a Faction Event. You may even see an event that changes into all three!

What this allows us to do is vary the actions you take during an event. For our first Hybrid Event, coming later this week, we are focusing on the various Captains scattered around the galaxy. Together with his contemporaries Captain Harriman and Captain Bateson, Captain Sulu mounts an expedition to try and enter one of the many temporal anomalies dotting the galactic landscape, and for the first time try to report back what is on the other side.

To assist Captain Sulu, you’ll need to gather supplies for the expedition, which takes the form of a Faction Event. Send out your shuttles to complete missions, and earn VP for the event. After 48 hours, the phase change occurs, and the event turns into a Galaxy Event. Complete supply missions in the form of a Galaxy Event to assist Sulu in his explorations, and earn VP for the event.

Read on for even more information about Hybrid Events:

Do my VP and Ranking carry over from one event phase type to another?

Yes. Hybrid Events are still a single event. Your VP stays present through the phase change, though the method of earning it (shuttles or recipes) will change as the phases change.

How many phase changes can occur?

Theoretically, we could have as many we would like, but for the first Hybrid Event we are focusing on just a single Faction and Galaxy phase. If this Hybrid Event (and other future Hybrid Events) go well, we may introduce more events (or new event types) into the chain.

Will there be community rewards, and if so during which phases?

Yep! You’ll be able to earn Community Rewards during the second phase of the event, which is the Galaxy Event phase. You will not be able to earn Community Rewards during the first Faction Event phase, and only the VP earned in the second phase will apply to those Community Rewards.

Is this how all events will be structured in the future?

We will still have normal Faction and Galaxy Events in the future. Hybrid Events may be introduced into the event rotation.

We hope you’re as excited for this new event type as we are! Venture beyond the boundaries of the temporal anomaly and help Captain Sulu in our newest event, Captain’s Oath, which runs from Thursday, February 9th through Monday, February 13th.