Post-AvA Spider Phase Analysis

It’s been a week since the conclusion of the grueling seven-day Spider Phase and we have a few stats to share with you. First of all, while intense battles took place across Westeros further down the board, the Spider Phase saw a clear domination by Kong’s Landing and The Deadpool alliances who widened early leads to remain unchallenged at the top of the leaderboard throughout the phase. Congratulations to them, and to all participating Alliances.




Competition was spread across Westeros, though there appeared to be particular interest in Westerlands, Dorne, and the Riverlands among the highest-ranked alliances.



Sabotage & Steal Actions

As you recall, for the Spider Phase, we buffed the impact of the Intrigue actions Sabotage and Steal by increasing the silver gained and damage inflicted from their successful use.  Our aim was to make these actions more attractive to players and thereby increase tactical options for AvA players.  The following table indicates the changes in bold italics.

Interestingly, while we did not see a dramatic uptick in these actions by players as a whole as compared to previous phases, when we looked just at the top 10 ranked Alliances, we found significant differences.  Sabotage was higher in Dawn over Herald, and Steal was much higher in the Spider phase than in Herald or Dawn.


These differences in levels of intrigue actions might be indicative of phase to phase alliance strategies, or reflective of a style of gameplay that occurs when alliances reach the top of the board. As well, these differences might be a product of the longer duration of the phase. We would love to hear your thoughts on it. In any case, given the positive response to these changes, we have decided to maintain them into the Rebel Phase.


For the record, here is a breakdown of relative proportions of actions in the Spider Phase.


Spy Rewards

In addition to buffing Sabotage and Steal during Spider, we adjusted the negative impact of spying on a camp that had less than 1% Silver and/or Health. Instead of reductions in gained VP that ranged from 40% to 80%, the reduction for Spider ranged from 30% to 60%.


Not surprisingly, this buff was received well by nearly all players and the use of Spy as a tactical action increased in Spider over previous AvA phases.  

As a result, as with our changes to Sabotage and Steal, we intend to maintain these changes to Spy for the upcoming Rebel Phase.