Announcing the Traitor AvA Phase

I did warn you not to trust me, you know.
–Petyr Baelish

Greetings Bannermen,

We are pleased to announce that next Friday, December 15th will mark the start of the Traitor AvA Phase, at 11am ET (16:00 UTC). Barring any unforeseen treachery from the likes of Littlefinger, the phase will run until Tuesday, December 19th at 11am  ET (16:00 UTC).  

Here are the 1st and 2nd rank Regional Titles on offer for the phase. 

Superlative Improvements

As promised in our last blog, we had a close look at the way we track and communicate AvA Superlatives, and as of Traitor will make a few changes. Our aim with these changes is to make the Superlative requirements and announced results more clear.

First, we have updated the wording of each Superlative requirement to remove any ambiguity for Players. While this makes some Superlative descriptions more wordy, we believe all Players will now understand exactly what is required to earn each Superlative title.

Second, when we announce our Superlative standings each day of the phase, we will now indicate up to what date and hour each day’s results include. We will also indicate how many hours of the phase those results cover. For example,  we will say, “Day 2 Daily Superlative Results: Calculated as of Dec 6, 2017, 12:00 AM UTC: 47 Hours of elapsed Phase time”.

An additional presentation change will be the reduction in the number of Alliances we show in the Daily Superlative Standings for each region from 10 to 5. This will simplify the Daily Superlative forum thread, making it easier to read. Of course, we will record the Superlative results data of all Alliances, and retain this through to the end of each phase, but we will only announce the top 5 daily ranks for each region.

Lastly, we want to reiterate that the use of Alts (“alternative accounts”) by players for the purpose of benefiting their other accounts is a violation of our Terms of Service. This means, for example, that a single player using multiple accounts to help him or her win Superlative or Regional Titles is unfair to other players and therefore not allowed. The coming phase might be called “Traitor”, but this type of  treachery is strictly forbidden.

We will, of course, continue to review how Superlatives are measured and rewarded, and will update our management of them as necessary. Please feel free to offer feedback, suggestions and ideas that you think will help us make Superlatives even better.

Here are the Superlatives—with updated wording and new formatting—for the Traitor Phase.

Don’t forget, the first and second place Alliances in any region are not eligible for that region’s Superlative Title, though they can win Superlative Titles in other regions or the All Westeros Superlative Title. The winner of the All Westeros Superlative Title, meanwhile, is ineligible to win Regional Superlative Titles. Finally, “per participant” is calculated using the number of Alliance participants for that phase across all of Westeros, not just in the “per participant”  region.

Daily Superlative Standings will be posted each day in the Forum. Final Superlative Results for Traitor will be published no later than Thursday, December 21st. Superlative Titles will be granted no later than January 5th ( allowing additional time on account of the holidays).

Boosted Rewards

As a little end of year “thank you” to all AvA players, we will be providing the following boosts to the threshold rewards, just for the Traitor AvA phase. 

  • Dragonblood increased to 2 at the 5000 VP threshold

  • Dracarys added to the 10k VP threshold

  • Dracarys added to the 15k VP threshold

We know that recent technical issues made recent AvAs even more of a challenge than they should be. Despite this, you stayed and you played. Thank you for your continued dedication to your fellow Alliance members and to the game. 

Good luck to all Alliances in the coming Phase. And remember, if everyone was a traitor, we’d all be on the same side!