Traitor AvA Phase Results

All justice flows from the King.
–Eddard Stark

The Traitor AvA Phase now behind us, it is time to announce the final standings!

We have simplified  the format to make it easier to read the results. If you have any feedback on the new format, please add it to the Phase Issues forum thread

These are the Rank 1 and Rank 2 Regional Title winners. Congratulations to all!

Traitor AvA Regional Results.png

As was noted in the forum earlier today, there will be  delay in announcing the Final Superlative Results for the Traitor AvA Phase while we investigate possible related breaches of our TOS. We want to make sure we take the time needed to ensure that all players are rewarded fairly. We will announce the Superlative Title winners in the first week of January. 

To all Bannermen, we want to wish a happy and safe holiday and the best of New Years!  See you in 2018!