v1.3.1 Client Release Notes

Thank you for updating to the latest MARCH TO WAR v.1.3.1! Here are the latest additions and changes in this build:


  • COMMUNITIES: Communities can now have up to 40 members.

  • RECOVERY MAIL: The first time a you take heavy losses from PvP attacks, you will receive an in-game Recovery Mail to help you get back on your feet. A new Recovery Mail will be available once every 7 days.

  • MAILBOX: In your mailbox, you will now have the option to Claim All rewards from your mail. There is also an option now to Delete All mail.

  • CEASE FIRE: Your Cease Fires now have a visible cooldown timer. Tap on your base to see how much longer your Cease Fire will last.

  • MAP: Bookmarks allow you to create a map of your enemies. Tap an enemy base, hit the Bookmark button (the exclamation point in the blue diamond), and you’ll be able to see their base highlighted in the overview map. Please note that the bookmarked coordinates do not move if the enemy relocates.


  • 7-DAY CEASE FIRE: Not yet available. This was previously announced to be a feature for all new Players.

  • NOTIFICATIONS: Community Attack Notifications are disabled for the time being.


Please continue to send us your feedback! You can reach us directly at http://bit.ly/MTWHelp.

Stay alive out there,
The MARCH TO WAR Council