December 2017 Production Update

Hello again, Captains,

It’s almost the end of the year, so I wanted to catch up with all of you. So what’s been going on over at Disruptor Beam?

Version 3.1 has just been released. It includes a bunch of improvements covering everything from Voyages (recalling Voyages with antimatter remaining will no longer fail), to UI fixes (no more phantom notification for ranking in Gauntlet) and loads a LOT faster!. You’ll be seeing even more fixes and enhancements in our next major client update.

Also, as part of the 3.1 update, STAR TREK TIMELINES is now available on the Amazon Appstore! This means if you’ve got a Kindle, or the Amazon Appstore loaded on your Android device, you can now install and play the game through Amazon.

Okay, now to the news you REALLY care about.

Extended Events

  • We heard your feedback regarding extended events over holidays. They can feel extra grindy and you’re not getting additional rewards. So we’re going to try something new. We’re not changing the schedule, but what we can do is give you additional threshold rewards you can unlock. What this means is that while it will take a little longer to unlock rewards, you’ll also have more rewards to unlock along the way. This will only apply to the last 2 events during the Mirror Universe Mega-Event. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Other Improvements and Changes

  • We’re still working on an overhaul of Cryostasis which includes the ability to sort and search for crew. I was hoping to be able to get it out to you before the end of the year, but there’s still more UI work we need to do. We’re targeting the next major client update for this upgrade.
  • Heads up -- we’re going to be rebalancing the Voyages loot table. This will be the first change since the feature launched. We’ll have more details about this later, but these are small adjustments and not drastic changes. You’ll earn slightly fewer Chronitons and Trainers, but you’ll earn a little more Credits, and have a greater chance of getting crew (including all-new Voyages-exclusive crew). Stay tuned.
  • We will be updating the Gauntlet-exclusive crew sometime after the New Year. Although I won’t name the new crew now, we did take a forum suggestion for this one.
  • Kahless will be leaving the Honor Hall to make room for a new crew member that many of you have been asking for. This will also take place sometime after the New Year, and we’ll be sure to give you at least a week’s notice before making the change.

There’s even more coming up for Timelines in the near future. Keep an eye out for more updates in January – that’s when we’ll hold the next Q&A, catch the mid-season premiere Star Trek: Discovery – and oh yeah... we have our second anniversary coming up! January’s going to be awesome.

Thank you for being the best players out there. Happy Holidays.

Admiral Prince,