Discover What’s New in Star Trek Timelines

Can’t wait for the next episode of Star Trek: Discovery? Jump into a Star Trek™ universe full of Discovery characters with STAR TREK TIMELINES

If you’re a first-time player, you will see First Officer Michael Burnham and Lieutenant Commander Saru in our tutorial. The Mega-Event “Discovery: A New Anomaly” led to a dozen new crew from Discovery joining Timelines, and four new crew have been added since then including Tactical Michael Burnham, Armed Philippa Georgiou, Torchbearer Rejac, and Dr. Hugh Culber. And more crew from Star Trek: Discovery are on the way! 

On top of new crew from Discovery, Timelines has also added two new ships: The U.S.S. Discovery and the U.S.S. Shenzhou. Both ships are formidable in space battles and the Discovery uses its signature spore drive jump when traveling between systems. 

Fans of the Star Trek mythos will also appreciate the storytelling in Timelines’ newest feature, Voyages. Designed as a nod to the original “5 year mission,” you will be able send crew on long-term journeys, read all-new fiction in the Trek Universe in-between dilemmas, or you can go back to playing the rest of the game while the Voyages run in the background. 

Collect new crew, embark on new adventures, and discover the universe of Star Trek in Star Trek Timelines today!