A Look at the Smuggler AvA Phase

I've never been much of a fighter. Apologies for what you're about to see.
–Davos Seaworth

Greetings Bannermen,

Titles and rewards safely hidden below decks, and sails raised, it’s now time to share some of the numbers from the Smuggler Phase. It was a challenging phase, without question, and our thanks goes out to all those patient Alliances who held fast.

We are still working on our proposed changes to ensure Superlatives are properly communicated and accurately tracked, so we won’t be addressing the issues around them in this blog. Our planned improvements will be announced in the pre-phase blog for the upcoming Traitor Phase.

Region by Region Heatmap

A with most regular phases, Smuggler had two or three Alliances in a race to the top for each region. As noted further down the blog, Westerlands was the most competitive, at least in terms of VP scores. All in all, 12 different Alliances earned themselves regional titles this phase.

heatmap_59 (v2).png

We know it takes a lot of dedication and effort for any Alliance to reach a 1st Rank level. Likewise, all 2nd Rank winners also deserve recognition, so well done to them! But let’s also take a moment to note how well some of the 3rd place finishers did, and in particular, how close many came to earning a 2nd Rank title. 

Case in point, have a look at the daily VP graphs for Stormlands and Dorne. Suffice it to say, Bloodravens and Chosen of the Dragon gave the top finishers a real run for their silver. In our opinion, it might be good to keep an eye on these contenders, and watch for any Alliance who came third this phase to make a play for second in the next. Just saying.

Speaking of close scores, Westerlands’ leaderboard was particularly interesting to us this phase. A surprisingly near-tandem VP climb by Shagga Likes Axes and Shennanigans stood out to our data maesters. Here’s the graph, in case you were curious.  

Harmful & Helpful Actions

After the thinned out Harmful and Helpful Actions in the Oracle Phase, a result of the experimental Proximity VP, we’ve again returned to more concentrated and elevated results tables for Smuggler. Kudos to Shagga Likes Axes, who fought off the highest number of Harmful Attacks across Westeros. Kong’s Landing, meanwhile, gets the nod for being the greatest apparent bestower of such attacks.

And, for balance, here are the Helpful Action tallies.  

Silver Gain

As you recall, the Superlative in The Vale tracked the amount of Silver gained per participant for each Alliance. Congratulations to Mortem et Malum on their first rank finish, and well done to the Alliances who nearly beat them! As a graph of the daily results show, up until the 3rd day, this Superlative was certainly up for grabs.

But we were curious what a similar graph for the top silver earners across all of Westeros might look like. Our data maesters were glad to oblige. Unlike The Vale, the names on the all-Westeros graph correlate with the Regional Title winners quite strongly.

Spy Points, meanwhile, were tracked for the Superlative in Iron Islands. This is a great Superlative, because even though it is not “per participant”, even less-familiar Alliances can compete for it. And compete they do! Have a look at the graph our data maesters created to show just how much Superlative Titles can impact actions—all the more reason we are working now improve the way we track them! Clearly, Iron Islands was the spy capital of Westeros during Smuggler. 

For all the ranks, head over to our Smuggler Results blog for a run-down of all the phase Title winners.

Congratulations again to all Title winners, and thank you again to everyone who completed Smuggler. We hope to see you all again for the Traitor AvA Phase, December 15th to 19th.