Results from the Smuggler AvA Phase

It is time to officially announce the Regional and Superlative Title winners for the Smuggler AvA Phase.

We want to acknowledge that we listed incorrect Daily Superlative Results for Westerlands as a result of a calculation error that we unfortunately missed throughout the phase. We are sincerely sorry for this mistake and intend to change how we support and process Superlatives to lower the chance of anything like this happening again. We will provide details on our planned changes ahead of the Traitor Phase in December.

A follow-up to this blog will be released later this week and will include insights and analyses on the Smuggler Phase.

Smuggler Regional Title Winners

Smuggler Regional Winners.png

Smuggler Superlative Winners

As you likely know by now, the first-place Alliance in any region is not eligible for that region’s Superlative, though they can win Superlatives in other regions, along with the All Regions Superlative. With the addition of titles for the second-rank Alliance, they too are now ineligible to win the Superlative in that region. The winner of the All Regions Superlative is ineligible to win any other Superlative.

Domination - A True Free Trader

Greatest amount of VP earned by an Alliance across all of Westeros.

Smuggler Domination.png

The North - Borders, What Borders?

Iron Islands - Through the Looking Glass

Westerlands - A Dealer In Pain

Crownlands - A Coin for Your Troubles

Stormlands - Fire in the Hole

Dorne - I Broke It, You Bought It

The Reach - A Friend In Need--Still Costs

Riverlands - Bodies in the Wake

The Vale - Ill-Gotten Gains

Smuggler Vale.png