v1.3.0 Build Notes

Version 1.3.0 includes improvements and fixes based on your feedback, Survivors. The changes will give you more ways to compete, and you’ll find new opportunities to unlock exclusive rewards without going full Negan on your neighbors. Check out all the additions and fixes below: 


  • Our new Events feature will allow you to compete for the best spot on the leaderboards, and grab the best rewards including comic covers, XP boosts, and more. While Walker Swarms allow you to work with your Communities to crush swarms and get rewards, these new events will let you accomplish goals without having to directly fight other Survivors. We plan to test a new Event next week, and will continue to run Mega-Swarms and Council Member Challenges in the future.
  • New Council Members: Are you ready for more choices for your MARCH TO WAR Council? We’ve got some ferocious additions for you. 
    • Ezekiel - Ruler of the Kingdom, he excels at attacking and defending against Walker Swarms.
    • Shiva - The fiercest beast in D.C., she is a deadly attacker. Raiding parties led by Shiva march faster and do more damage.
    • Denise - A multi-talented doctor who knows how to survive in the Wasteland. She specializes in protecting survivors via reduced damage and improved healing. 

Note: Comic Covers for these Council Members are currently only available through Dilemmas and as rewards in our new Events system. You’ll need to fight tooth-and-nail to be the first to recruit them!


  • Relocating no longer removes peace shield.
  • Survival boosts now indicate how long it will be active following purchase.
  • Fixed an occasional error caused when attempting to demolish an infirmary containing a survivor in triage.
  • Fixed an error where some players could lose resources below their protected limit
  • Fixes made to Chat system including filter updates and refinement.

Please continue to send us your feedback! You can reach us directly at http://bit.ly/MTWHelp.  

Stay alive out there, 
The MARCH TO WAR Council