New Gameplay Changes are Live!

New gameplay changes are live! Please refer to the notes below for a breakdown of the changes affecting Combat, Healing, and Peace Shields:

Healing Updates

  • Food and Salvage healing costs reduced by 30%.
  • Lumber and Fuel healing costs reduced by 50%.
  • Every level of the Infirmary now grants a 1% healing cost reduction (previously, this was a 1% reduction for every 2 levels).
  • Every rank of research in “Healing Speed” now increases healing speed by 2% (previously, this was 1.5%).
  • The Community Store sells four triage kits for the same badge cost at which it previously sold one triage kit.

Combat Updates

  • Your Survivors will receive a greater stat reduction when they’re missing health. What this means is that for high health Survivors, you will see little-to-no stat reduction. Medium health Survivors will experience slightly lower stats than a full-health Survivor, and low health Survivors will see greatly lowered stats. The intent of this change is to rebalance the ability for single, high-level players to attack and defend against a large number of lower-level players without significant risk.

Peace Shield Updates

  • When you manually break a shield, you cannot use another shield for 30 minutes.

  • When you manually break a shield, you are sent an in-game mail telling you about the peace shield cooldown.
  • When you try and use a shield during the cooldown period, you will receive an error message and you will be sent another message explaining that you must wait until the cooldown time has finished.


  • A previously announced Combat change has NOT been added to the game. This would have adjusted damage during combat between higher level Survivors and lower level Survivors. This change will make it into a later update.

As you experience these updates, please continue to send us your feedback! You can reach us directly at

Thank you for playing and stay alive out there,
The MARCH TO WAR Council

Gameplay changes were originally shared in-game on November 2nd, 2017.