Announcing the Smuggler AvA Phase

I can never sleep the night before a battle.
–Davos Seaworth

Greetings Bannermen,

Us too, Davos, us too! We are pleased to announce that the next AvA Phase, Smuggler, will begin this Friday, November 17th at 11am ET (16:00 UTC) and run until Tuesday, November 21st at 11am  ET (16:00 UTC).

The following 1st and 2nd Rank Regional Titles will be up for grabs in the Smuggler Phase.

An Oracle Aside

In the coming days, we will publish an analysis of Oracle, the recent experimental AvA phase. We want to take a moment now, however, to thank all of you for your participation. Your dedication and patience throughout the phase was very much appreciated, as was your helpful and constructive feedback.

Many aspects to Oracle that were positively received, while others will require investigation to determine how they can work better. XP, for example, appears to be one of those components that requires more work, as it appears to cause performance issues in our servers as currently calculated. Therefore, XP will not be part of the Smuggler Phase, though we promise to work as quickly as possible to make it a permanent part of AvA. Likewise, all other experimental changes have been removed for Smuggler, which will be a “regular” AvA phase—with one notable exception, explained below.

Superlative Titles

We are happy to report that all future AvA phases, including Smuggler, will include Superlative Titles. As was explained in our pre-Oracle phase blog, Superlative Titles will rotate through the regions and include the phase name. We will also add to our collection of Superlative Titles as we go, to better offer you more variety. Here are the Superlative Titles for Smuggler.

Please note, as always, the first and second place Alliances in any region are not eligible for that region’s Superlative Title, though they can win Superlative Titles in other regions or the All Westeros Superlative Title. The winner of the All Westeros Superlative Title, meanwhile, is ineligible to win Regional Superlative Titles.

Finally, for those who might wonder,”per participant” refers to all alliance members participating in this AvA across all regions, not just those members active in the region with the “per participant” Superlative. (By the way, if you are expecting an Oracle Superlative Title, it should be granted to you this week. Thank you, of course, for your continued patience.)

We wish all Alliances the best of luck in this week’s Smuggler Phase. Never forget, if you don’t sneak the fermented crabs past the guards, someone else will!