Post AvA Analysis Knight Phase



I will shield your back and keep your counsel and give my life for yours if need be. I swear it by the Old Gods and the New.

Knights’ Oath


Time to take a break from re-shining your armor and cleaning the blood from your swords to join us in a look at some of the numbers behind the Knight AvA phase. As usual, many regions saw heavy competition among the highest-ranked alliances, as well as a high level of activity from all alliances. At this point, we cannot say conclusively if the addition of the 2nd Rank Titles impacted the way alliances play; in fact, strategies did not appear yet to change all that much. Our objective to allow more players to earn themselves Titles, however, was certainly met, and so we have decided to continue with 2nd Rank Titles for the foreseeable future.


Of all the regions, The Reach and the Vale saw the most intense Victory Point gains, corresponding to equally high level of ‘harmful’ and ‘helpful’ actions.  In The Vale, a multi-Alliance melee saw Shenanigans and Here We Stand’ squared off against Ghost of Wynterfell and Dragon’s Vengeance—with a little bit of Kong”s Landing and Dark Council thrown in for good measure.  To hopefully provide a glimpse through this fog of war, our undefeatable data maesters created a region-specific overview of helpful and harmful actions for The Vale.


We couldn’t help notice the high use of helpful actions by Here We Stand’. While these numbers represent only a snapshot of an Alliance’s decisions over the course of the phase, they certainly hint at the strategies behind those decisions.


In The Reach, meanwhile, a tighter flurry of actions marked the competition among Magister Mortalis, The Deadpool and Original Protectors of the Realm. Magister Mortalis, who achieved first in the region, managed also to gain the highest level of helpful actions, courtesy of Empire of Westeros. As with Here We Stand’ in The Vale, ‘helpful actions’ in The Reach provide a revealing peek at alliances’ AvA strategies.


When it comes to helpful and harmful actions across all of Westeros, we first and always notice the scale at which a number of alliances operate. But it is the range of these numbers that shows how Alliances differently pursue their adversaries, and are pursued in turn!

harmful actions (1).png
helpful actions (2).png

Staying on actions for a moment longer, we thought the Superlative for Iron Islands was nicely thematic (we picture waves of armor-clad Sworn Swords rushing forth to do their duty). When the daily results for this Superlative are graphed, some less-familiar names emerged at the top.


It is, of course, the ‘per participant’ nature of the Superlative that allowed alliances like Kings of Winter, Puppies and Cripples Bastards and Broken Things to compete admirably against alliances Shagga Likes Axes and Baratheon’s Bastards. Well done to all—especially to Cripples Bastards and Broken Things, who won the Superlative.

Lastly a word about spying. As you might know, the Superlative in Dorne tracked the number of Spy attacks per alliance. There, All The Fecking Chicken Alliance handedly won the Superlative, actually generating twice the number of Spy attacks as their next closest rival, An Alliance Has No Name. Not sure if this is part of the Chicken’s usual strategy, or a result of something particular to this phase, but it was impressive in any case!

The result made us wonder what the level of spying was cross all of Westeros. Perhaps not surprisingly, the top ten alliances roughly correspond with the overall regional wins.

Knight Phase - Spy Attacks .png

And when mapped across Westeros itself, Dorne’s top-most ranking was honestly a bit of a surprise to us given that it did not seem all that seriously in contention. That is the way of numbers, however, for every question they answer, they ask three!


Thank you again to all the alliances who participated in the Knight Phase. We’re already preparing for the Kingsguard Phase and our next blog, available next week, will tell you everything you need to know to get ready for that. Prepare for a little surprise.