Spider AvA Phase Iterations and Superlatives

As mentioned in our previous blog post we will continue to find new ways to make AvA more active, engaging, fun and fair. To that end, allow us to present the next set of changes to be rolled out in the upcoming Spider Phase....


Buffing Sabotage & Steal Actions


A common question concerning AvA is the disproportionately low value of the Sabotage and Steal (Intrigue Actions). While their lack of negative consequence for the attacker’s camp (i.e., through the loss of health and/or silver for the attacker) allows more novice AvA players a way to contribute to their Alliance without their camp facing undue risk, the benefits from these actions are considered by experienced players too low to make them strategically worthwhile much of the time. As one longtime AvA player put it, using Sabotage or Steal is like hitting your opponent with a ‘wet noodle’.

The following table shows the relative proportions of Actions utilized by Players in the AvA Herald Phase:

To rebalance these actions so that their benefits and harm are more in line with the actions associated with Battle and Trade, we are increasing the amount of silver gained and damage inflicted for both Sabotage and Steal. These increases, while significant, would not be so great as to ‘eclipse’ Barter or Trade Actions, thereby maintaining the current hierarchy of the nine actions. The following table shows the current win condition values of Sabotage and Steal (in bold italics):

The following table shows the new win condition values of Sabotage and Steal (in bold italics):

We increased the impact of Sabotage and Steal actions so that players view them as strategic tools ‘in the same league’ as the other actions in AvA.


Improving Spy Rewards


In some ways, the Spy action is not viewed as simply one of the nine AvA actions. Unlike the other actions, which are considered as either weapons or aids, Spy provides information that is used tactically by Alliances. A common complaint, however, is that when the target camp has depleted levels of Silver and/or Health, a winning Spy attack results in relatively low levels of earned VP. The current win conditions for Spy Actions are as follows:

Many players feel that these levels of reduction are ‘unfair’ or even ‘punishing’, especially since Spy attacks do not provide Health or Silver to the attacker (though the information these attacks provide is clearly of high value). As a result, some Alliance leaders have reported that it can be difficult to find Alliance members willing to specialize in Spy actions, which is problematic considering Spy is effectively a required action in AvA.

To counter the perception of Spy actions being  less rewarding, we have decreased the negative impact on earned VP due to depleted target camp Health and/or Silver. The new reductions in VP received from successful Spy attacks are as follows:

Taken together, these adjustments to AvA’s Intrigues are meant to provide players with more impactful and rewarding actions, and be more fun. They will be implemented in the upcoming Spider Phase alongside the continued lower Hourly VP and increased thresholds rewards which have proven effective in making AvA more competitive and rewarding. We will, of course, closely watch the effects of all these changes to confirm that they achieve the positive outcomes we intend. And, as always, don’t hesitate to tell us what you think.


Camp Upgrade Timers and the Longer AvA Phase


A number of players have asked how the camp upgrade timer will be adjusted for the longer, 7 day, AvA phase. We have decided to revert to the timer values used in previous 7 day phases, which is effectively a ‘scaling up’ of the 4 day AvA. The upgrade timers for the longer AvA are as follows:

Spider Phase Titles and Superlatives


As we close out the blog we wanted to leave you with the superlatives and titles for this Phase.

Best of luck to all participants in the Spider Phase!