The Gauntlet: Coming Soon to Star Trek Timelines!

We will soon begin to roll out The Gauntlet to players! This exciting new PvP Feature will pit your strongest crew against the crew of other Captains throughout the galaxy. For those players interested in learning more about how The Gauntlet will work, read on: 

What is The Gauntlet?

Q built The Gauntlet to test whether your crew are ready to take on the challenge of rebuilding the multiverse. The Gauntlet is a place where you pick a team of five crew and compete against other player’s crew for prizes. Enabled for everyone at Captain level 10 or above this is the first time that you’ll be able to directly compete against another player’s crew.

The Gauntlet lets you choose a team of five crew and pit them against up to 200 other Captain’s teams. Each Gauntlet has a featured skill and three featured traits and lasts for 2 days. The featured skill has a higher chance of coming up in each Gauntlet’s round, while the featured traits improve your critical chance when competing against another crew.

When choosing crew for The Gauntlet, we wanted to encourage players to use their best and brightest crew. That’s why after you choose a team for the Gauntlet, you can continue using your Gauntlet team for Events, Faction Missions, the Battle Arena, or anything else you’d like. It won’t affect the Gauntlet, and the Gauntlet won’t affect your crew. Keep in mind that your Gauntlet crew cannot be swapped and won’t change while they’re in The Gauntlet; any increase in levels or equipment won’t be reflected until they enter a new Gauntlet.

What is the difference between The Gauntlet and other competitive systems?

A major difference between The Gauntlet and other competitive systems is that Gauntlet looks at your crew proficiency. Your crew proficiency is the bonus range that your crew have. For example, a level 100 FE/FF Tuvix has a Diplomacy skill of 417+(89-228). Tuvix’ skill of 417 is his base skill, while his range of 89-228 is his proficiency. When performing Away Team missions, both the base skill and a roll on his proficiency determines your score. In The Gauntlet, only the crew’s proficiency is used.

Each win you achieve in The Gauntlet contributes to your Streak Rewards. Streaks give you a reward for every 3 wins in a row.. You also earn trophies for participating in The Gauntlet. Trophies determine your place on your Gauntlet’s leaderboard, and placing at the top ranks provide you with Gauntlet Vault loot boxes - boxes that can contain up to 5-star items and have the best chance at earning Locutus of Borg!

Gauntlets reset often, giving you several chances a week to earn these rewards.


How do I compete in The Gauntlet?

After you enter The Gauntlet, you compete in rounds against six possible opponents. You choose which opponent to compete against, and choose which crew to use against them. Your crew and your opponent’s crew then compare your proficiency rolls against the round’s skill requirements. Three rolls are used for each of the two skills, giving you six chances to outperform your opponent. The six rolls are added together, and the crew with the highest total wins the round.

If you don’t like the opponents presented to you, you can refresh your opponents list for merits.


What happens when I win a round?

After you win a round, you earn a reward! The reward you earn depends on whether you reached a streak reward or not. If you received a normal reward, you’ll get a number of credits or merits. If you reached a streak reward, you’ll get even better rewards - training programs, components, chronitons, Time Portal packs, or even Locutus of Borg! The crew you used will also become fatigued - this reduces their stats until they recover. If your crew receives five fatigues, they’ll be disabled. Your crew recover every four hours, or instantly for Dilithium.

What happens when I lose a round?

Your streak resets, and the crew you used becomes disabled. Disabled crew cannot be used, and recover every four hours. You can spend Dilithium, upon losing a round, to recover your crew and maintain your Streak!

What are the rewards I can win?

The Gauntlet gives you a chance to win the rare reward jackpot with every Streak Reward loot box! At launch, the rare reward for Gauntlet is Locutus of Borg, a Legendary crew member that may only be won from The Gauntlet. Gauntlet loot boxes can also give you components or equipment for your crew, credits, merits, chronitons, and other rewards - including Time Portal packs!

How do I choose the crew for my Gauntlet team?

When you enter The Gauntlet, you’ll be prompted to select your team. You can pick from any crew that are in your Crew Quarters. Your crew and their stats in The Gauntlet will remain locked for the duration of The Gauntlet, meaning any leveling or equipping you make for those crew won’t affect your current Gauntlet. Any improvements or changes would be reflected the next time you start a new a Gauntlet.


What is a featured skill and featured traits?

The featured skill is the skill that will appear most often in each round of The Gauntlet. That doesn’t mean that the other skills won’t be used; but it does mean that the featured skill will come up more often. You should generally take one or two crew that have high proficiency in the featured skill and then have an even distribution of crew for the remaining skills

Featured traits improve your chances of scoring a critical hit. Critical hits double a roll for a crew and can be the difference between victory and defeat. Featured traits only modify the crew that have those traits, so bring along as many of them as you can!

What if I dismiss a crew that is in a Gauntlet?

You’ll still be able to use that crew while The Gauntlet is running. However, you won’t be able to use that crew for future Gauntlets, unless you bring them back.

Can a crew in Gauntlet be used for other missions?

Yes. A crew in a Gauntlet team may still be used for Missions, Events, the Battle Arena, etc.

What happens if I level up a crew that’s in a Gauntlet?

Your crew will not change while it is part of a Gauntlet team. Any levels or stat changes won’t be reflected in your current Gauntlet, but your crew may use their new stats or levels in future gauntlets they participate in.

When will I see Gauntlet?

The Gauntlet will begin to be rolled out to players very soon. To watch for any performance problems, the Feature will be rolled out gradually, so a small number of players will see it first, then more players over time. 

*Screenshots above are from an in-development build including The Gauntlet feature.