Post Dawn AvA Phase Analysis



The Dawn AvA Phase saw a big increase in the overall level of competitiveness among all Alliances. That is, the race up the leaderboard was significantly tighter in the Dawn Phase than in previous phases. For example, at the very top of the board, the difference in VP between the first and second ranked alliances in the Assassin Phase was 51 million. In the Herald Phase this difference dropped to 33 million. In the Dawn Phase, meanwhile, the gap between first and second place was just 1.3 million.

This increased competitiveness was also reflected in the anecdotal reports from players on social media and in the Disruptor Beam forums who noted the increased ‘churn’ in the leaderboard standings from hour to hour and day to day. For many, the Dawn Phase results were less predictable and therefore more exciting and fun.

For the record, here is a breakdown of the VP earned by the top 20 ranked Alliances by region during Dawn. Note that the darker the highlight, the higher the VP earned.

We think there is little doubt that this increased competitiveness was a consequence of excluding several players determined to be using third party ‘scripts’ in the last AvA phase. This exclusion, alongside the changes to Hourly VP rates and Threshold Reward levels, helped to ‘even the playing field’ for a number of Alliances who previously had less opportunity to climb the leaderboard.


Moving forward, we intend to continue our vigilance regarding ‘scripters’. As well, we will continue to find new ways to make AvA more active, engaging, fun and fair. In our next blog post we will present the latest set of changes to be rolled out in the upcoming Spider Phase....