Convergence Day Comes to Star Trek Timelines

Greetings, Captains:

One year ago, Disruptor Beam launched an incredibly ambitious project: STAR TREK TIMELINES.  Bringing together ships, heroes, villains, and beloved storylines from all of Star Trek™ history, STAR TREK TIMELINES set out to create the best Star Trek mobile game ever, a goal we strive to reach every day.

To celebrate our anniversary, players are invited to participate in our first Convergence Day celebration, marking the beginning of the temporal anomaly crisis that drives the narrative of  STAR TREK TIMELINES. The Convergence Day Galaxy Event starts today, Thursday, January 12th and runs through the weekend.

With this event, comes new crew and changes to this event only:

  • a new version of the popular and devious Ferengi Quark, who conceived of Convergence Day
  • C.O.P. Founder Picard, a new version of the popular captain voted on by players during the event “The Second Battle of New York.”

  • Your existing Judge Q plays a major role as well!

  • The event will have only one phase, with a total of 9 community reward tiers.

C.O.P Founder Picard was added to the game as the result of a player vote during the "Second Battle of New York." At the end of this event, with Captain Archer indisposed, qualifying players voted for Captain Picard to replace him as one of the founders of the Coalition of Planets.

In addition, as players celebrate their own anniversaries of playing Timelines, they will receive a special reward avatar—Alfa 177 Canine. All players will also receive Three Supply Kits via in-game mail, five FREE crew slots which have already been delivered, and discounted Dabo Wheel pulls throughout the weekend. 

Just as the Star Trek universe continues to expand, so will STAR TREK TIMELINES. We look forward to our continuing mission for this year and the many years to come. Year two is just the beginning!