Results from The Maester Phase and Solstice Superlatives

Results from The Maester Phase:

The Maester Phase has drawn to a close, and we are happy to announce the (slightly delayed) results of the most recent AvA competition. We appreciate your patience on this one; our primary abacus-wielder was on vacation at the end of the phase and unable to tabulate results immediately, we’ve re-chained him to his desk so this shouldn’t be an issue in the future.

The Maester Phase saw regional titles spread amongst 7 alliances. Kong’s Landing managed a convincing 1st place in the overall VP race, but Royal Vengeance beat out Shagga Likes Axes by less than 3% for the second-place title.

Regional Champions of the Maester Phase:

First in the North - Shagga Likes Axes
First in the Westerlands - Shenanigans
First in the Crownlands - The Night’s Watch
First in the Iron Islands - Winter Is Coming Alliance
First in the Stormlands - Kong’s Landing
First in the Reach - Royal Vengeance
First in the Riverlands - Shagga Likes Axes
First in Dorne - Fury Unchained
First in The Vale - Kong’s Landing

Superlative Winners:

Domination - Kong’s Landing
Highest Total VP earned by an Alliance across all regions:
#1 — Kong’s Landing
#2 — Royal Vengeance
#3 — Shagga Likes Axes

There Must Always be a Stark in Winterfell - Empire of Westeros
Empire of Westeros didn't manage to win the North, but they were willing to sacrifice a lot of Sworn Swords trying with the most sworn sword defenses in the North. Either that or everyone just really wanted to burn down their camps (though I can’t imagine why)! (NOTE: an earlier version of this post incorrectly called Fury Unchained the winners of this superlative due to an error in our calculations. Sorry about that!)

Bleed Them Slowly - Ghosts of Wynterfell
I guess there’s something appropriate about The Ghosts of Wynterfell bleeding the Iron Islands dry, given the history of ill will between those two locations. Congratulations on the most Harass damage per participant in the Iron Islands!

The Power of Gold - Bran’s Beasts
While they didn’t make it particularly far up the overall leaderboard, the fact that over 99% of Bran’s Beasts VP in the Westerlands came from camps gave them the edge over higher-ranking alliances for this particular superlative.

Explosion - Bloody Eye
In true Game of Thrones fashion, we’ve got a violently-named alliance winning a violently-named superlative! The 8-participant alliance Bloody Eye narrowly edged out some much larger alliances for the highest damage per participant in the Crownlands.

We’ll Give it Back Later - Wolves rule the North
There must be something about wolves and theft - Wolves rule the North barely beat another wolf-themed alliance for the most silver stolen per participant in the Stormlands. But, there can be only one alliance per superlative!

Backstabbing - The Russians
To be clear, the alliance named “The Russians” managed the most Sabotage wins per participant in Dorne; this is not a judgement on Russia as a whole. Someone’s clearly been reading too many cold war spy novels, and/or watching too many old James Bond films.

A Fruitful Phase - Wolves of the Weirwood
It was evidently a very lupine phase! While the wolves in the Stormlands were focused on stealing from other alliances, the wolves of the Reach distributed aids and barters at a higher per-participant rate than any other alliances with 5 or more participants. There were a couple of smaller alliances with higher per-participant scores, so watch out if they get up to 5 participants!

Rebuilding in the Riverlands - La Cosa Nostra
Proving even the Riverlands aren’t safe from a little embezzlement, there’s something darkly appropriate about an alliance named La Cosa Nostra both being good at amassing silver, and doing it with a superlative labelled ‘rebuilding’.

Above the Fray - House of Rebirth
In retrospect maybe this shouldn’t be surprising, but a reincarnation-focused alliance managed to muster the most VP in the Vale without having to resort to any hostile actions. Looks like all those permed talents are starting to pay off!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Solstice Superlatives:

We’d also like to announce the superlative challenges for the Solstice Phase, running from October 4th to October 11th. We’re keeping some of the Maester Phase superlatives (focused on those that had relatively close results), and reworking the rest.

Domination: “Highest Total VP earned by an Alliance across all regions.”

Flay Them All: "Alliance that kills the most opposing Sworn Swords in the North."

Bleed them Slowly: "Alliance with the highest total camp damage inflicted to opposing camps using Harass attacks in the Iron Islands."

The Power of Gold: “Alliance with the most VP gained from camps in the Westerlands.”

Explosion: “Alliance with the most total camp damage (to opposing camps) per participant in the Crownlands, minimum 5 participants.”

Okay, We’re Giving It Back Now: “Alliance that gives away (using any action) the most silver per participant in the Stormlands (as measured by summing any positive silver changes to opponent’s camps from your actions), minimum 5 participants.”

A Wall of Corpses: "Alliance that loses the most sword swords per participant in Dorne, as measured by receiving the most attacks that end with the defending sworn sword dying (really dying; instant revival doesn't count). Minimum 5 participants."

A Many-Linked Chain: "Alliance with the most successful actions of their lowest-success action type in the Reach (ie, we’ll look at which action your alliance had the fewest successes with, and score you based on that)."

Ravaging the Riverlands: "Alliance with the most successful harmful actions (fight, harass, sabotage, steal, swindle, or bribe) per participant in The Riverlands, minimum 5 participants."

Above the Fray: “Most VP earned by an Alliance with no offensive (fight, harass, sabotage, steal, swindle, or bribe) actions in the Vale.”

Good luck with your preparations!