Star Trek: Mission New York and 50th Anniversary Events

Greetings, Captains!

On the evening of September 8th, 1966, a bold new drama beamed into living rooms across America. Set against the backdrop of the Cold War, Star Trek™ shared an inspired vision of the future, with entire planets uniting to conquer poverty, sickness, and lesser angels of man and joined together to in a communal desire to explore and understand the farthest reaches of the galaxy.

Now fifty years later, the Enterprise's initial five year mission has inspired countless more series, books, comics, and yes, even mobile games than Mr. Roddenberry himself could have imagined. STAR TREK TIMELINES is honored to be a part of that fifty year legacy. Here's how we plan to commemorate this event of galactic import:

Beginning this week and continuing through the anniversary week, a special 50th-anniversary skin will display for all players who have the N.C.C. 1701 Enterprise in the game. Explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy in this classic starship, proudly emblazoned with the 50th anniversary logo!

In addition to this limited-time skin, we will be running a fun new faction event to coincide with the Star Trek: Mission New York. The event, "The Second Battle of New York," challenges players to support the faction most likely to guarantee an Allied victory in WWII and ultimately lead to the founding of the Federation. The event will introduce RAF Julian Bashir and RAF Miles O'Brien as well as Aviator Yar and Tuskegee Mayweather - newly imagined for this event.

While players around the world can participate in the event, attendees at Star Trek Mission: NYC are in for an even bigger treat. John de Lancie, known and beloved for his portrayal of "Q," will host "Putting the Galaxy in Your Pocket," a panel with the developers of STAR TREK TIMELINES. The panel will take place on Saturday at 11AM. Whether you’ve been playing everyday since the game launched in January, have played just a little or not at all, come to the STAR TREK TIMELINES panel to learn more about the process of developing a Star Trek mobile game. During the session, you’ll not only be able to to ask the development team questions about the game, but you’ll have the chance to win a STAR TREK TIMELINES t-shirt. More details on the Mission New York website.

John de Lancie will also have two in-booth signings on Saturday, where attendees can grab limited-edition versions of the STAR TREK TIMELINES launch poster by renowned artist Cat Staggs.

Finally, at the convention we'll be giving away collectible trading cards featuring in-game characters. We'll give out each card for just one hour during the show, so make sure to get your favorites. If you miss one, however, don't fear - our daily in-booth swap meets are sure to have you covered.

Finally, follow us on Facebook where we'll soon launch a fun interactive series. Every week in September you'll be able to nominate your favorite characters to appear in a new and unexpected situation. 

Thanks for being part of the Star Trek legacy, Captains.

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