Results from The Winter Phase

The AvA Winter Phase has come to a close. Congratulations to all the competitors in the return to a week-long phase! We are happy to announce the victors of each region, as well as the victors of the updated Superlative Challenges.


Regional Champions of the Winter Phase

First in the North - Original Protectors of the Realm

First in the Westerlands - Exiles and Outlaws

First in the Crownlands - Ghosts of Wynterfell

First in the Iron Islands - Fury Unchained

First in the Stormlands - House of the Black Goat

First in the Reach - Baratheon's Bastards

First in the Riverlands - ELLINES Greek Alliance

First in Dorne - Kong's Landing

First in The Vale - Shagga Likes Axes

Superlative Winners

As a reminder, the First-place Alliance in a region is not eligible for that region’s superlative, though they have the opportunity to win superlatives in other regions as well as the Domination superlative. The winner of the Domination superlative is ineligible to win other Superlatives.

Domination - Shagga Likes Axes

Highest Total VP earned by an Alliance across all regions
#1 — Shagga Likes Axes, with 291,291,921 VP
#2 — Fury Unchained with 284,013,988 VP
#3 — House of the Black Goat with 265,461,896 VP


Defender of the North - Direwolf Keep

Highest amount of Aid healing from attacks by an Alliance in the North

Reaver - Dragonriders of Pern

Most successful Harass attacks per participant by an Alliance in the Iron Islands, with at least 5 participants

Rich as a Lannister - Hawkwood's Regiment

Most successful Swindle attacks per participant by an Alliance in the Westerlands, with at least 5 participants

City Repairs - House of the Black Goat

Most silver spent per participant on repairing camp health and refilling silver pools by an Alliance in the Crownlands, with at least 5 participants

Storm Wall - SlobodneTeritorije FreeTerritories & Knights of the Winter Rose

Highest percentage of successful defenses by an Alliance in the Stormlands, with at least 100 defenses.  We are including two alliances in this superlative given that we did not specify "with at least 5 participants" and we probably should have. So congratulations to the highest under 5 participants, and the highest over 5 participants.

Destruction - Raven Guard

Most wounds per participant against opposing sworn swords by an Alliance in Dorne, with at least 5 participants

Economic Success - Coven of Khaleesi's Dragons

Highest number of Barters by an Alliance in The Reach

Battle Worn - Rogues of Hollow Hill

Most Camp Health Damage per participant dealt by an Alliance in the Riverlands, with at least 5 participants

Above the Fray - House of Rebirth

Most Spy Points earned by an Alliance in the Vale

Three cheers for the all the winners!