“Liberty for All” Galaxy Event Lets You Make Your Mark on the Galaxy!

The temporal anomaly crisis has led to the subjugation of many species across the Alpha Quadrant. Some critics of the Federation accuse Starfleet of handling the accused too lightly, and others accuse Starfleet of acting too harshly. Leaders throughout the Alpha Quadrant have called for a multi-faction alliance of freedom fighters to liberate the victims of tyranny and enact justice on the tyrants.

Captains will be forced to use their wits and make the efficient use of their crews to acquire and build items this task force will need. At the end of the event, successful captains will be able to vote to decide which faction can be trusted to free the oppressed—but not become the oppressors.

Based on feedback we received following the last Galaxy Event, we made some changes to the Galaxy Event format as follows:

  • Rebalanced Victory Points from Supply Missions, Threshold targets, and Critical Success chances for Specialist Crafting
  • Rewards should now be consistent throughout the event
  • Using Featured crew will now feel much more rewarding

There will be three Community Rewards in “Liberty for All” that can be reached by the collective efforts of all players:

  • Angel One Riker
  • Mirror Garak
  • 10x Premium Time Portal Pack

The “Liberty for All” Event Pack will include the following crew and will be available on Wednesday, 20 July at noon EDT (16:00 UDT) for the pre-event:

  • Legendary Disguised Kira (Star Trek: Deep Space 9) SEC, DIP
  • Super Rare Angel One Riker (The Next Generation) COM, DIP
  • Super Rare Mirror Garak (Deep Space 9) DIP, COM, SEC

This event features Riker, Garak, and Kira, and specific rare versions of these characters will receive a special bonus while completing the event. An event character pack with guaranteed event crew will be available in the Time Portal beginning on Wednesday, 20 July. “Liberty for All” begins on Thursday, 21 July at noon ET (16:00 UTC).