Cadet's Manual: PvP Battle Arena Play in STAR TREK TIMELINES

In STAR TREK TIMELINES, a temporal anomaly crisis has thrown together ships and characters from throughout Star Trek’s™ fifty-year history. This has resulted in more ship-to-ship combat than most Federation Captains see in an entire career. In order to ensure the battle-readiness of the fleet, Starfleet Command has designated a portion of Federation Space as a Battle Arena.

When you enter the Battle Arena, you will test your wits and firepower while commanding iconic ships against other players in 3D ship-to-ship combat. Players are grouped into Divisions based on the rarity of their ships and crews, ensuring a level playing field. To move up the Leaderboard, a Captain must defeat a higher-ranked player to assume their position. Daily rewards are calculated based on Leaderboard ranking, with players higher on the leaderboard and in more powerful divisions receiving the greatest rewards.

Entering the Battle Arena

Players can enter the Battle Arena by selecting the "Arena" button [9] from your home screen.

Choosing your division

In order to ensure a fair playing field, players will be grouped into Divisions based on the rarity of their ships and crew. 


Each Division has its own Leaderboard and rewards, with the most valuable rewards available in the more difficult divisions. Leveling your ships and crew will allow you to participate in the most rewarding divisions.

Selecting Your ship

Once you've chosen a Division, you will be prompted to choose a ship to command in battle. Each ship has its own strengths and weaknesses-it's your job as Captain to decide which combination of abilities gives you the best chance of success. You can scroll through your available ships by tapping the arrows next to "Change Ship" on the lower left part of the screen.

Selecting an opponent

Once you've chosen a Division and a ship, it's time to choose an opponent to challenge. It's important to remember that you want to move up the leaderboard to receive the best rewards. The only way to climb is to challenge someone ranked higher than you are, and assume their place - so make sure to note your opponent's rank relative to yours!

The Captain of this Bird of Prey is ranked 53rd in his division. Their potential opponents are ranked 52nd, 32nd, and 29th respectively.


To begin the battle, press the yellow "Engage" button under your chosen foe. Each battle costs one ticket, and players will be given a set number of tickets each day. Players can purchase additional tickets if they want more PvP than their free daily ticket supply.

During the battle

The gameplay mechanics are very similar to Ship Battles during Missions. Read our "Commanding Starship Battles" blog post for specific details.

Your crew handles piloting duties and makes sure to follow your commands. As Captain, it's up to you to devise the best strategy as to how and when to deploy your crew's ship abilities. Make sure to check out our forums, which often have lively discussions as to the best Battle Arena strategies.

To the victor go the spoils

After the battle is over, you'll be taken to the results screen.  Here, you'll see just what happened - did your firepower crush their shield regeneration? Did their evasion keep you from doing enough damage? 

The Captain of this Galaxy Class ship dominated in every category!

The Captain of this Galaxy Class ship dominated in every category!

After reviewing your battle stats, make sure to check out the rewards you'll be claiming! Rewards are below the stat lines - this Captain won 1,500 credits!

Daily Rewards

In addition to the rewards for winning battles, Captains will receive Daily Rewards based on their position on the Leaderboard. The higher you climb, the better the rewards will be! Can you reach #1?

Captain First Place is suffering delusions of grandeur.

Captain First Place is suffering delusions of grandeur.

It's important to note that if you stay away from the Battle Arena for fourteen days, you will lose your ranking, so make sure to visit regularly. 

Good luck, Captains! Have fun developing new strategies and taking command of the  Leaderboards!