A Look Ahead - June 2016

With season 6 coming to an end, now is a good time to share our current roadmap. Season 6 kept us on a very demanding schedule, which has meant we’ve been putting delivery of other features on hold and under-communicating why that’s happening, which is my responsibility.

We are indeed still here, and we’re still listening to your feedback and working on making GoTA a better and better game!


The most obvious outstanding issue, and where we’ve been devoting time and will continue to devote a lot of time, is around lag and game performance. There are some fundamental issues in the original technical and systems design that mean we’re unlikely to ever have a completely lag-free experience, but we know we need to do better than we have been on that front.

In addition to those backend tech improvements, things we are currently considering include:

Continued quality of life improvements:

  • The ability to sell permanent items 
  • Improvements to mobile experiences and reductions in crashes on mobile devices
  • Increased parity on all platforms
  • Improved interfaces for managing inventories and sworn swords

Focusing on keeping content fresh:

  • Continuing variation of AvA phases - length, superlatives, other parameters
  • Addition of new tales based on Season 6 stories
  • Continued variation in story and item content

Revamping some existing systems:

  • Improvements to alliance challenges
  • Better solutions for gaining character experience
  • Changes to AvA to make defense more compelling

Note that like last time, this isn’t necessarily a comprehensive list and it’s not a guarantee that everything on it will happen.  Some of these things are difficult problems that we’re still figuring out how to solve, and priorities will change as we go, but this hopefully gives the community a bit more insight into what we’re thinking about and what we’re working on as we continue to support and improve GoTA.

Thanks for your patience and support!