The Winter Phase and Superlatives

With the start of summer comes the coldest AvA Phase of Season 6! The Winter Phase will begin on Friday, June 24th at 11:00am EDT (15:00 UTC) and run until Monday, June 27th at 11:00am EDT (15:00 UTC). The previous phase, Blood, was a fantastic contest over its weekend runtime. The addition of the Superlatives spurred some new avenues of competition and will return in the Winter Phase with a variety of adjustments. 


Winter Phase AvA Superlatives!

We are happy to announce the continuation of Superlative Challenges for the upcoming AvA Winter Phase! Our hope is to continue building upon the competition through these challenges. Many of these Superlatives have been adjusted from the Blood Phase requirements, particularly with the addition per-participant challenges.

This Phase’s challenges are as follows:

Domination: “Highest Total VP earned by an Alliance across all regions”

Defender of the North: "Highest amount of Aid healing from attacks by an Alliance in the North."

Reaver: "Most successful Harass attacks per participant by an Alliance in the Iron Islands, with at least 5 participants."

Rich as a Lannister: “Most successful Swindle attacks per participant by an Alliance in the Westerlands, with at least 5 participants.”

Protectors of the Realm: “Most silver spent per participant on repairing camp health and refilling silver pools by an Alliance in the Crownlands, with at least 5 participants.”

Storm Wall: “Highest percentage of successful defenses by an Alliance in the Stormlands, with at least 100 defenses.”

Destruction: "Most wounds per participant against opposing sworn swords by an Alliance in Dorne, with at least 5 participants."

Economic Success: "Highest number of Barter attacks by an Alliance in The Reach."

Battle Worn: "Most Camp Health Damage per participant dealt by an Alliance in the Riverlands, with at least 5 participants."

Above the Fray: “Most Spy Points earned by an Alliance in the Vale.”

Like the Superlatives in the Blood Phase, these challenges are not all mutually exclusive. An Alliance can be awarded multiple Superlatives with two exceptions: 

  1.  The Alliance that wins the Domination superlative is no longer eligible for the other superlatives. 
  2. The first-place Alliance in a region is not eligible for that region’s superlative, though they can win superlatives in other regions as well as the Domination superlative.

Victorious Alliances will bring glory to their fellow members, for the winner of each Superlative will be celebrated in a Blog Post following the conclusion of the Phase. There will not be any in-game display of these challenges or related in-game prizes.

As always, the Game of Thrones Ascent team wishes to thank you for your continued support! We hope you are as excited as we are to see who will rise to the challenge and prove themselves to be the best in each category!

“Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born.” -- Maester Aemon