In STAR TREK TIMELINES, the temporal anomaly crisis has generated more ship-to-ship combat than most Starfleet officers experience in an entire career, and the battle readiness of the fleet is being sorely tested. While Federation Captains are explorers first, the safety and preparedness of their crews in battle is of the utmost importance.


In order to ensure all ships and crews are battle-hardened, Starfleet Command has designated an area of Federation space as a Battle Arena. Here, Captains and crews will match wits and firepower against one another. Those who succeed will be richly rewarded with materials, ship schematics, and more. Those who are defeated will remain low in the rankings, and in the quality of their rewards.

Captains will be broken into divisions based on the rarity of their ship and crew, ensuring a fair playing field. To move up the leaderboard, a Captain must defeat an opponent with a higher ranking to assume their position. Increasing the rarity of your ship and crew will move you into more competitive divisions, where the competition is fiercer and the rewards greater. Prepare to be challenged, as even newly minted Federation Captains make formidable foes.

The Battle Arena opens soon. Get ready, Captains. The Federation needs you now more than ever.

This week's episode of the Disruptor Stream will run live from 2:30-3pm (18:30-19:00 UTC) on Twitch on Friday, June 24. Our team will show off some of the great new Battle Arena gameplay and answer questions from viewers and our forums. If you can't make the stream, all episodes are archived, so make sure to check it out.


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