The Targaryen Conquest Continues

Epic Targaryen Armors have been spreading throughout Westeros over the last two months. More than 1000 players have already attempted to evolve these armors with over 425 Ancient armors successfully created. Not only that, there are more than 125 armors that have reached the final evolution! Congratulations to all the players who are proud owners of these relics from The Conquest. 

The smiths and artisans of the Grand Forge have made a miraculous new discovery: Weapons from the Targaryen Conquest! We are excited to introduce Dark Sister, Meraxes’s Tooth, and Blackfyre!

Weaponsmiths of the Grand Forge

Like the Targaryen Armors, these new weapons will requires an initial purchase of the Lost weapon from the shop followed by evolutions in the Grand Forge.

While the weapon recipes may initially appear similar to the armors (with Pyres, Dracarys, and Harnessed Dragonfires as major components of each stage) they are actually balanced quite differently. The armors followed a similar pattern to Dragons, though with egg-quickening and the baby evolution condensed into one step. The result was a highly challenging first evolution, followed by a relatively easier second evolution, and a final evolution whose difficulty was in the middle.  The weapon recipes are different in that their first evolution is the easiest, with each evolution increasing in challenge. It should be less costly to start the process of evolving weapons, but will have a similar total cost to evolve all the way to the final stage.

The Fate of Westeros

These Targaryen Weapons will be arriving in the next build, currently planned for Friday, May 13th.

“Every child knows that the Targaryens have always danced too close to madness.” - Ser Barristan Selmy