The Oathbreaker AvA Phase

Prepare yourselves for the first AvA Phase of Season 6! The Oathbreaker Phase will begin on Monday, May 9th at 11:00am EDT (15:00 UTC) and run until Thursday, May 12th at 11:00am EDT (15:00 UTC).


In the last couple months we have settled into an effective groove of 7-day phases. This is a great length for a variety of playstyles within competition, but we also want to add more variation. As you can see from the dates above, The Oathbreaker Phase will last for 3 days. This shorter duration should change up some strategies and condense the excitement of AvA into a narrower timeframe. An additional benefit of this phase length is it lets us avoid having any update builds during an AvA Phase, significantly reducing the risk of any problems. We are also hard at work to mitigate any potential build complications for future phases. We will see how everyone likes the shorter phase and may run more going forward, especially during the rapid schedule of the TV season. 

We have adjusted the Camp Upgrade Timers to account for the reduced length. During the Oathbreaker Phase, upgrading a Camp to level 20 will take just under 2 days, at 46 hours and 40 minutes. The upgrade requirements are unchanged, as are other elements of the balance. 

The Threshold Rewards remain the same, as they are proportional to activity rather than ranking. The Leaderboard Rewards have also not been scaled down with the shorter phase so the competition can have the same impact. 

The unique titles for this phase will include “Frozen Oathbreaker” and “Iron Oathbreaker”. We have made two adjustments to the regional prefixes. The winning alliance in the Stormlands will receive the “Furious Oathbreaker” title, inspired by the Baratheon words: “Ours is the Fury”. Additionally we reevaluated the Harrowed prefix for The Reach. The Reach will award the title of “Thorned Oathbreaker,” appropriate for the lands of Lady Olenna, The Queen of Thorns.

“If a girl is truly no one, she has nothing to fear.” -- Jaqen H’ghar